09. April 2019
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Vario Safe – the new innovative system for adaptable care beds

Greater flexibility, comfort and value for money for nursing homes

Beds in nursing homes often have to meet very different requirements within a short period of time. If, for example, a very mobile resident takes over a bed from a person susceptible to falls, it is no longer necessary to use safety sides for all-round protection. And if a resident suddenly needs help with personal hygiene in bed, it is useful to have removable headboards and footboards. When a nursing home introduces a new colour scheme, the beds can also set accents. Vario Safe, the new system for adaptable care beds from Stiegelmeyer, offers these and many other options.

The Vario Safe principle is compellingly simple: the headboards and footboards, the split safety side elements and the side panels can be easily removed and reattached without tools. They are simply inserted into the bed frame and secured with easy-to-use safety catches. These catches are positioned so that residents cannot accidentally open them.

Freedom and standard-compliant protection

Vario Safe offers many possible combinations. For example, the two split safety side elements on one side of the bed are 110 and 90 cm long and can be attached at either the head or foot end. If the user chooses only 110 cm long elements at the head end and uses panels at the foot end, the occupant is still protected in compliance with the standards - because 110 cm covers more than 50 percent of the mattress base. If, on the other hand, only the 90 cm elements are used, the occupant enjoys a reassuring feeling of safety and orientation and has ample space for getting in and out of bed unimpeded. The Vario Safe system thus follows the philosophy of the Werdenfels approach to promote the mobility of people in need of care. At the same time, the hygienic properties of the bed are improved if there are fewer elements to be cleaned.

The split safety side can be raised in two stages and can also be set diagonally if required. This is another way in which it closely adapts to the needs and current condition of the resident.

Choice of upholstered headboards, footboards and panels

A homelike, attractive appearance is becoming increasingly important when it comes to care beds. For our models with Vario Safe, firmly upholstered headboards, foootboards and panels are available on request. High-quality fabrics or imitation leather can be combined with warm wood decors. Beds can be adapted to individual tastes and match the furnishing style of the nursing home. In addition, beds with vibrant colours offer a higher recognition value for residents with dementia.

The interchangeability of the elements gives nursing homes a high degree of flexibility. Safety sides and panels can be used on different beds of the same model, and combined in various ways or stored temporarily. This makes it easier to plan and work even more cost-effectively.

The Vario Safe system is available for our Elvido vervo, Elvido movo and Libra bed models. The popular Elvido series sets high standards in care. The Elvido vervo is a low-height bed with a height adjustment range from 25 to 80 cm and the option of an Out-of-Bed system. It offers strong advantages and great relief in everyday life. The Elvido movo is particularly easy to move and can be manoeuvred even in narrow corridors and multi-bed rooms. Both model variants are even more versatile thanks to the optional Vario Safe system. It goes without saying that the two existing safety sides - the full-length one for maximum protection and the combinable safety side with its practical mobilisation aid - are still available for purchase.

This also applies for the new Libra care bed, for which all three safety sides are still available. The Libra is the successor to the Soleo model on the German market. It is a versatile, elegant low-height bed with the flair of a good hotel. Its high safe working load of 225 kg, the many adjustment options and the economical 24-volt actuator system make the Libra a particularly comfortable, safe and value-for-money bed.

With Vario Safe, we present a sophisticated, user-friendly system for adaptable beds that will make the healthcare of tomorrow easier and more pleasant.

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