21. October 2016
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... a bed like home

Anyone who has to live and sleep far from home knows the feeling: The bed is the most important place to quickly make you feel safe and at home. The new dorm bed Carino by Stiegelmeyer offers the ideal solution for this challenge - attractive, comfortable and individually equipped.

Leaving home, or moving out of your own home, is often accompanied by great hopes. Trainees in a dorm for prospective carers hope for a successful vocational future. Patients in a rehab facility hope for long-term health improvement. Migrants in the first flat of their own need to build a completely new life. For all such more or less temporary residences, Carino is a superb choice. It combines high user comfort with a very good price-performance ratio for the operators of the facilities.

Even the first impression is very promising. Carino scores with its attractive design, simple lines and appealing contrast between the wooden frame and its chromed metal feet. Even young people can give a personal touch to a cosy room with this bed. There are 10 different wood décors available and a diverse range of different shapes for the headboard and foot board. And for those who love colour, Stiegelmeyer has Softcovers available. These textile covers for the sides of the bed and head and foot boards offer everything from subtly elegant to colourfully playful.

Carino has a mattress base of 90 and 100 by 200 cm as well as an optional 20 cm bed extension (only for the 90cm width) which offers even tall people sufficient space. The bed also offers possibilities far beyond a standard model for making every day more comfortable. The backrest can be effortlessly raised to 30° which is ideal for watching TV or reading an interesting novel.

Stiegelmeyer also has accessories that save space without foregoing comfort, even in the smallest of rooms. A practical table can be quickly inserted into the side of the bed for putting mobile phones or magazines. And there is room for a reading lamp directly on the bed in a plug-in sleeve on the headboard. The lamp can be fitted with halogen or LED lights and gives a warm glow. If the sturdy bed is used in a rehab facility, the sleeves can also be used for a lifting pole. Finally, there are large boxes available for storing bed linen, books and CDs under the Carino bed.

Wherever it is used, the dorm bed Carino is a piece of home away from home. It makes everyday life more comfortable and gives its user an optimistic view of the future.

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