31. January 2023
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Lenus – the ultra-low bed for people at particular risk of falling

Burmeier's international model now also launched in Germany

Protecting people in need of care from falling is an important goal both in nursing homes and at home. The use of safety sides on the care bed often brings great advantages. They prevent the resident from falling out of bed, especially at night. Split safety sides also leave enough space for unhindered entry and exit. But what can be done if the tendency to fall becomes so great that the resident needs protection around the clock?

Pronounced dementia, combined with physical weakness and a strong urge to move, can lead to such a situation. Affected people sometimes fall down dozens of times a day. Fixation by safety sides or belts is not a permanent solution, as it deprives the resident of quality of life and further accelerates physical deterioration. In some cases, another, relatively new concept can be more promising: "floor-level care".

The resident usually moves around on the floor, which is made soft and comfortable with mats and foam. Mattresses lying on the floor are often used for sleeping. But this also leads to problems: For one thing, a mattress does not offer the health-promoting positioning possibilities of an adjustable mattress base. And above all, real "floor-level care" is a burden for relatives and nursing staff: they have to perform strenuous physical work kneeling, squatting or bending over.


The solution is an ultra-low bed like the Lenus from Burmeier, specially designed for homecare. It descends to 15 cm in its lowest position – 25 cm lower than a standard care bed. The risk of injury to the resident is very small at this low height. At the same time, the Lenus also serves as a fully-fledged regular care bed with an ergonomic working height of 80 cm and modern safety sides. In this way, it relieves the burden on relatives and flexibly accompanies the resident through all phases of his or her development.


Technically, there are some special details to consider with an ultra-low bed. For example, relatives should not accidentally trap their feet when the bed is lowered. "We placed great emphasis on safety in the design," explains product manager Frank Himmelskötter. "To lower the Lenus into the range below 25 cm, you first have to press the down button on the handset a second time. The bed then descends more slowly and emits a signal tone."

People in great need of care often spend most of their time in bed. With its electrically adjustable back and leg rests and its comfortable sitting position, the Lenus offers a lot of comfort. In the position close to the floor, the use of safety sides can be dispensed with; for higher positions, full-length and split safety sides are available. With its homelike design and a choice of attractive wood decors, the bed creates an atmosphere of security.

"The Lenus has already had a successful international launch," explains Stefanie Behning, brand manager in charge of marketing at Burmeier. "Now we are also offering it in Germany, because ultra-low beds are attracting more and more interest here as well." A big plus for customers and the medical supply trade in Germany: the Lenus already has a medical aid number ( and a nursing care aid number (, so it can be prescribed and paid for by health or nursing care insurance. Burmeier has long and passionately campaigned for the recognition of low-height beds as a separate category of aids in Germany.

Ultra-low beds will play an increasingly important role in all areas of nursing care. With the Lenus, Burmeier has succeeded in making a convincing, technically mature start.


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