15. June 2022
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The Stiegelmeyer wheel of fortune points the way to a successful future

The young apprentices from our headquarters in Germany presented the company at the local education and training fair "vocatium"

If you want to have qualified skilled workers in your company tomorrow, you have to focus on good training today. Attractive apprenticeships and dual study programmes are therefore the focus at both Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier. At all regional locations, our company enjoys an excellent reputation among young people as a starting point into professional life. Our apprentices and trainees themselves also help to inspire the next generation. With great commitment, they organised a booth at the education and training fair "vocatium" in the Bielefeld Stadthalle, an event space about 20 km from our headquarters, at the beginning of June. Our apprentices themselves tell us how it went and what they particularly liked about it.

"The vocatium week began for us with the construction of the trade fair booth on Tuesday. Two fully packed Stiegelmeyer cars and a 7.5 ton logistics truck brought our equipment to Bielefeld. We started setting up the booth from 2 p.m. onwards.  Although we had already looked at the portable booth walls and the corresponding instructions beforehand, it was still the first time for all of us. After a good three hours, everything was in place. And we were very satisfied.

On Thursday, the second day of the fair, I was on site. I was very curious about the pupils who already had fixed appointments. I also wondered how many people would spontaneously drop by. Thanks to the technical skills of our colleagues Alexandra-Maria Ritscher and Niklas Mozek, we even had a Stiegelmeyer wheel of fortune, which attracted many visitors to the booth for spontaneous conversations. Many pupils were very motivated and well prepared. Not everyone was directly familiar with Stiegelmeyer, but we were able to give a good first impression of our company. Useful aids here were our Evario hospital bed, which we had placed on our booth, and a Stiegelmeyer PowerPoint presentation.

I think we were able to present Stiegelmeyer well and leave a positive first impression. Perhaps one or two visitors will tell their friends about their visit to our booth at the fair. As a reminder, we distributed self-designed pens, band-aid kits and flyers.  For me, it was a successful fair that also strengthened the teamwork among the apprentices once again."

Moritz Pellmann

"It's great that the fair could finally take place live and on site after several years of the Covid pandemic. Although this was the second "vocatium" fair for the Stiegelmeyer-Group, last year it was held digitally due to the circumstances. Many personal conversations and the opportunity to introduce pupils to our apprenticeship professions and the company were a great joy for all of us.

Maren Klostius

"My impressions were also only positive.  The pupils who had an appointment were almost all enthusiastic and seemed quite interested. And we also had many spontaneous conversations. We will be remembered for our wheel of fortune alone. A successful fair that should definitely continue like this."

Janin Beckmann

"In my opinion, the fair went even better than I had expected. Since there weren't that many people interested in my apprenticeship position as a technical product designer, I unfortunately only had two or three interviews, but those went quite convincingly. The students showed great interest. I found our wheel of fortune particularly successful, an absolute eye-catcher. I am really very curious to see how these impressions will be reflected in the next round of applications."

Alexandra Ritscher

"The fair was a great event for me. The personal exchange with pupils and possible applicants was a new experience. The comparison with earlier times when you went to such a fair yourself as a pupil was very interesting. The comparison with last year's online event is also amazing. The "waiting room" for spontaneous talks at that time is the best example. Back then we had two or three spontaneous conversations, whereas at this year's on-site fair the crowd was huge. A great success and a hands-on experience for us apprentices as well."

Finn Heuermann

"I think the fair was a really good experience, because you had to leave your comfort zone to approach pupils who happened to be standing in front of the booth, for example. I also think it's really great that we could possibly help others on their path in life and also inspire them to join our company."

Niklas Mozek

"After two years of planning and a participation in the digital "vocatium" fair last year, it was a great experience to finally present our apprenticeship programme in person in Bielefeld this year. Thanks to the talks scheduled in advance, we were able to prepare well. In addition to discussions about the training opportunities offered by the Stiegelmeyer-Group, the Evario bed placed on the booth and the wheel of fortune designed by our technical product designers were often the focus of attention. All in all, we were able to address a great many young people at the fair, who showed great interest in the training opportunities in our company group."

Jan Niklas Lissel

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