15. January 2021
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Sleeping together? Sleeping alone? Both!

Our partner bed gives couples a new flexibility for a restful night's sleep

Young people and those newly in love dream of spending the night with their beloved partner. But over the course of a long marriage or relationship, the magic of the shared bedroom often diminishes. In surveys, up to 40 percent of all couples say they spend the night in separate rooms, and the trend is rising rapidly. Bed manufacturers have to adapt to this trend. With the partner bed, Stiegelmeyer now offers a solution that supports a more fulfilling partnership with clever ideas.

Restful sleep is becoming increasingly difficult in today's hectic world. Men and women often get in each other's way. Men in particular often start snoring loudly as they get older. Women who are exposed to this noise suffer twofold. Because according to studies, they actually need more deep sleep than their partners and are more stressed out by permanent disturbances. Moreover, both partners can effortlessly drive each other mad by noisy trips to the bathroom with the ceiling light shining or noisy tossing and turning.

This situation becomes even more difficult when one partner slowly becomes in need of care in old age and requires an electrically adjustable bed. In this case, he or she often has to move into a care bed in the living room, while the other partner remains alone in the marital bed.

Space for physical closeness must be preserved

Sleeping in separate rooms can lead to a considerably higher quality of life and is also recommended by couple therapists if problems accumulate when sleeping together. Surveys also show that the sexual quality of the relationship, for example, rarely suffers as a result. It is important, however, that the possibility of physical closeness, of cuddling or of joint sleeping rituals is maintained if necessary. Otherwise, the bond between the partners can weaken over time.

This is where the dilemma of sleeping apart becomes apparent: actually, you would need both separate bedrooms and a marital bed to be completely happy. But you have to be able to afford this kind of squaring of the circle in today's housing situation. Many older couples tend to have "their" room, where there is just enough room for a narrow single bed against the wall next to the bookshelf and favourite armchair. The only place left to cuddle up is the TV sofa.

New freedom for intimate wishes of those in need of care

In home and inpatient care, there are also practical everyday questions: How can partners continue to sleep in a double bed when the caregivers need free access from all sides and a height adjustment of the mattress base? How can the spatial conditions of a nursing home be adapted to alternate sleeping separately and together? The intimate needs of people in need of care have long been a neglected and taboo subject. But a glance at specialist publications shows that a greater sensitivity is developing here.

So the time is right in every respect for the new partner bed from Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier. In customised versions, this bed is aimed at users with different requirements: As the elegant lifestyle bed Libra partner, it brings a new sense of well-being to couples in every phase of life. As the inpatient care bed Libra partner, it opens up unprecedented possibilities in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. And as the homecare bed Regia partner, it solves the problems that many couples face when they begin to need care.

Our partner bed is an electrically adjustable double bed whose halves can be separated and rejoined in a few simple steps. Each half of the bed has four castors and can therefore be moved to another place with little effort. Couples can thus decide over and over again whether they want to spend the night separately or together. In nursing homes and homehelp care, the bed can also be easily separated if it is necessary to care for the resident from both long sides of the mattress base. If a couple wants to spend the night separately in the long term, side panels or safety sides can be retrofitted for the inner sides of the mattress bases, thus creating two complete single beds. All head and footboards and side panels can be attached and removed without the use of tools using patented fasteners.

Adjustment functions – convenient and safe

Just as comfortable as the possibility of separating the partner bed are its many adjustment functions. The large height adjustment range of approx. 25 to 80 cm brings many advantages. In the very lowest position, the bed looks like an elegant futon bed and hides the modern technology of its chassis. At the same time, fall-prone users are optimally protected by the mattress base that is close to the floor. The handset allows the bed to be raised smoothly to a comfortable height for getting up or to the maximum height. Here, nursing staff can work in a way that is easy on the back and private users can comfortably get into bed or pack a suitcase. It is also possible to tilt the bed into an armchair position for cosy TV evenings or a family breakfast in bed.

A particular strength of the partner bed: when the height or tilting of the mattress base changes, both halves of the bed always move synchronously. This avoids gaps caused by height differences in which users could get trapped. This innovative technology gives the partner bed a great safety advantage over improvised solutions (e.g. two single beds placed next to each other).

Comfort and home-like atmosphere

Nevertheless, the partners do not have to do without individual comfort, because the back and leg rests can be adjusted separately on both sides. For this purpose, there is a separate handset on each side.  

A homelike atmosphere is just as important in one's own four walls as it is in a nursing home. Our partner bed looks very attractive with its clean lines and the noble "Nobla" design line for the head and footboards. Numerous wood decors as well as fixed upholstery with fabric or imitation leather are available, so that the bed can be adapted to any furnishing style. New in the Stiegelmeyer world are bed surrounds with quilted upholstery. The diamond pattern is reminiscent of British flair, the tiled pattern provides discreet elegance.

In the comfort bed variant, the Libra partner has raised side panels as standard. They combine perfectly with the comfort mattress base, which is also slightly raised and consists of 50 free-swinging elements per bed half. Couples have rarely slept so fantastically comfortably.

Arguing in the marital bed, sleepless nights, forced separations in case of nursing care – all these worries can be a thing of the past. Our partner bed gives couples of all ages and living situations a new freedom and flexibility to make their life together happier.

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