16. July 2018
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The future of hygiene in the daily care routine

Burmeier presents the machine washable Lippe IV bed insert

Hygiene is important at every moment in caring – but often only achievable with great effort. The same thing applies to beds in the home care area. For instance, the high quality of the Burmeier beds ensures that these products have a very long use cycle and often can pass from household to household. Every change, however, requires flawless cleaning and disinfection. What process is recommended for medical supply retailers?

All of the beds from the Stiegelmeyer Group can be easily and thoroughly cleaned by hand. However, the quality of the hygiene depends primarily on the knowledge and effort of the employee. Manual cleaning is strenuous and takes a relatively long time. If the bed turns out to be contaminated with multi-resistant pathogens, there is also a risk of infection for employees if they are not well protected. Luckily, these risks can be minimised with machine washable beds.

Decades of experience

Such beds and washing systems for automated reprocessing have been successfully in use in many hospitals for a long time. Now Burmeier can benefit in the home care area from the decades of experience of the Stiegelmeyer Group. Since the Dali-Wash care bed was introduced in April, a machine washable version of the popular Lippe IV bed insert has become available.

The new Lippe model comes with a cathodic dip coating against corrosion, a metal slat mattress base, and special drill holes for liquid run off. When reprocessing the bed insert, the medical equipment retailer saves time, manpower and storage space because the reprocessed beds are ready for use again more quickly in a flat rate per case system. Of course, the washable Lippe IV has all of the same product line advantages – such as an adjustable height range of 29 to 74 cm and an energy saving 24 volt system.

Ideal for washing systems and cost-effective financing

Washable beds can significantly lower costs, although in the beginning, the medical equipment retailers must invest in a washing system. Burmeier can offer one-source solutions through a cooperation with the renowned German equipment manufacturer RehaWash and the financing partner Siemens Finance & Leasing. The RehaWash washing systems provide validated hygiene certified by an independent institution, use very little water, and conserve nature by using environmentally friendly chemicals.

Im Kampf gegen multiresistente Keime gehört maschinen­waschbaren Betten die Zukunft. Auf der REHACARE in ­Düsseldorf beraten die Experten von Burmeier Sie gern bei allen Fragen.

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