20. February 2015
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Bed cleaning

Solutions for bed cleaning and disinfection

In many hospitals, the costs and benefits of bed reprocessing and disinfection continue to be a serious issue. The problems encountered in this area range from coordination issues and the logistics involved in managing existing beds, to the actual process of cleaning and disinfection.


In the past, the automated bed washing systems often did not produce optimum results with the prodcuts that were to be cleaned. As a consequence, reprocessing and disinfection could turn out to be inadequate or cause damage to the beds.

Cleaning beds manually, on the other hand, is hard physical work that can be exhausting and take up a lot of staff time. In addition to the above, there are no guarantees that manually cleaned beds are always cleaned to the same standard. Manual cleaning also requires a high level and a lot of organisation in order to work smoothly.

Today, some hospitals choose to use automated washing systems with optimised processes in order to create the best possible conditions for cleaning and disinfecting their beds. This not only ensures that the processes used are efficient and meet a certain standard of hygiene, but also lessens the burden on staff. This puts staff in a better position to perform at their best while working ergonomically. If all automated washing system components are ideally adjusted to one another, this method can also be the most cost-effective approach to ensuring that beds are cleaned to a very high Standard.

Stiegelmeyer has been collaborating with a number of well-known washing  system manufacturers and always takes  the particularities of automated washing  and disinfection processes into account in the development of its hospital beds.

This has led to the development of a perfect washing technique for our new Puro hospital bed - a collaborative effort between Stiegelmeyer and the bed washing system manufacturer Belimed. Stiegelmeyer is also planning to collaborate with Miele Professional in future to ensure that automated washing systems clean hospital beds to maximum effect. To make sure that beds are always washed in the best possible way and to best effect, Stiegelmeyer has been intensely analysing the operations employed by clinics. By providing its services around the hospital bed, Stiegelmeyer is creating the preconditions for ensuring that hospital beds are always in perfect working order and hygienic at the right time and place, and in the most cost effective way possible.

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