05. October 2016
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Joint know-how for safe hygiene

Stiegelmeyer and Belimed present their joint cooperation at MEDICA

Visitors to MEDICA will quickly discover the glass portal at the Stiegelmeyer stand once again. It is a demonstration of how a CS 750 washer model from Belimed works. The cooperation between Stiegelmeyer and the leading manufacturer from Switzerland of washers for hospital products is continuing its upward trend.

Modern Stiegelmeyer hospital beds, such as Puro, combined with the equipment from Belimed are a powerful partnership for safe hygiene. Cleaning and disinfecting beds is done properly every time and can be validated. It gives hospitals the upper hand in the fight against multi-drug resistant pathogens. And it saves time and protects personnel when preparing beds because laborious manual cleaning is unnecessary.

These precisely adapted automatic washing systems for beds are ideal. They preserve the surfaces over the long term, and help hospitals get the full life cycle from the beds and save money. The energy efficiency of Belimed-washers also contributes to this because very little water is required and they comply with the latest guidelines and standards.

Experts from both companies create a team at the site and jointly advise hospital partners. Together, the experts examine all processes involved in cleaning and reprocessing the beds and then develop a customised solution.

Learn more about the details of our partnership on our innovation page:

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