27. October 2017
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New ways to ideal hygiene

Burmeier presents Lippe-Wash bed insert and cooperates with RehaWash

Optimal hygiene and the successful fight against multi-resistant pathogens have long been the focus of attention in the hospital sector. But this topic is also becoming increasingly important in home care. Care beds, in particular, need to be cleaned thoroughly and safely, as they are used by people in various households and in medical supply stores. At the same time, however, manual preparation of the beds is strenuous and time-consuming. But there is a solution for all challenges - machine-washable beds.

In addition to the comfortable and economical Dali-Wash care bed, Burmeier will be offering a further model for automated reprocessing from spring 2018 onwards: The new Lippe-Wash bed insert is easy to place into an existing bed frame and offers all the advantages of an electrically adjustable care bed. Like the Dali-Wash, the Lippe Wash can also be rolled into the washing machine on its transport aid without dismantling. A special varnish and drain holes prevent corrosion. Residents, caregivers and staff from the medical supply store are reliably protected from infection.

Combined competence

To optimise automated reprocessing even further, Burmeier cooperates with the renowned German washing machine manufacturer RehaWash Systems. Beds and facilities are increasingly being coordinated with each other. Experts from both companies advise customers jointly and develop tailor-made offers. Visitors at the REHACARE in Düsseldorf experienced a RehaWash system in action at the Burmeier stand and were impressed by its ease of use and certified quality.

Cost-effective operation

Automated reprocessing assures medical supply stores of safe hygiene and saves them time, costs and storage space. Dispensing with manual cleaning frees up staff from this workload and allows them to devote their time to other tasks. Beds contracted out on a case-based system are ready for use again more quickly. The washing system is economical to operate due to its low water consumption and is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of degradable cleaning agents. All these advantages add up to a great cost-saving advantage for medical supply stores. The machine- washable beds from Burmeier and the modern RehaWash facilities herald in a new and better chapter in home care.

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