28. March 2017
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The colours of spring

Burmeier expands its Softcover palette

Finally, spring allows its blue ribbon to flutter through the air – and it reaches right into the homecare room. Dark blue is the new and particularly attractive colour for the Burmeier Softcover. It brings home a touch of elegance and maritime holiday flair.

Softcovers are textile covers for the headboard and safety sides of the care beds Dali II 24 Volt, Dali-Wash, Economic II/III and Arminia III 24 Volt (safety sides only). With these covers, the wood look of the beds can be completely enveloped in colour. This transforms the care bed into a stylish designer element that perfectly matches the decor of the room. And the coloured marking makes the bed easier to recognise, particular for people suffering from dementia.

Burmeier has adjusted the design of the Softcover over the past few months and made it even easier to fit. The fabric now completely envelops the headboards and footboards, and the wooden strips at the sides are a thing of the past. The Softcovers are secured with discreet snap fasteners. The safety sides are covered by pulling the material over them like a hose and fastening it with a zipper.

The choice of seven colours has now been increased, not only with the new Dark Blue, but also with Vanilla – a light and friendly cream tone. The Softcover colours can have a positive effect on the psychological well-being of the occupant. Warm earth tones such as orange and brown lighten the mood and stimulate the appetite. The cooler petrol and dark blue shades can have a calming effect. Bordeaux and lavender are particularly elegant and boost energy levels and creativity.

In professional care facilities, colours are successfully used in interior design to help dementia patients with orientation. Many authors attribute a particularly good effect and clear visibility to the colour orange. It is advisable to avoid overwhelming the residents with visual stimuli and confusing patterns. A coloured bed in a more neutral room can become a positive point of reference, since the person being cared for can easily recognise it and accept it as home.

Good hygiene properties are also a central requirement for beds used for care in the home. The Softcovers help in this respect too. They can be easily machine washed at 40°C. Attractive and fresh as the spring – with Burmeier's new Softcovers, a new zest for life breezes into the care room.

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