20. February 2015
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Products for caring with heart and mind

Beds designed for caring for people at home

The Stiegelmeyer Group has been designing and producing hospital beds and care beds, as well as equipment for inpatient care, over 100 years now. The Group is organised into Clinic, Care, Homecare and Assist divisions. By providing innovative products and associated services for these ranges, Stiegelmeyer is making an important contribution to people’s care in hospitals, care and nursing homes and at home.

Stiegelmeyer’s Homecare division is managed by Burmeier GmbH & Co. KG. The subsidiary has been a part of the Group since 1995 and supplies medical equipment retailers with modern beds for care at home. In Germany, Burmeier is the market leader in this sector.

In line with its mission to produce “products for caring with heart and mind”, Burmeier develops products and concepts designed to support care. Burmeier’s intelligent technical equipment is designed to make the work of caring easier for carers – both professional and family ones – and to make sure that its beds’ occupants can enjoy the benefits of modern design and are as comfortable as possible.

The innovative designs of these products provide a high level of safety and comfort and offer support for all involved. As well as its own, Burmeier also uses the Stiegelmeyer Group’s power of innovation when it comes to designing its products. This collaboration has been enabling the company to also offer highly progressive technologies, such as our e-help systems, for home care. Burmeier’s digital assistance systems include, for example, an Out-of-Bed-System, automatic lighting on and around care beds, and a telephone nurse call System.

The company’s sales and high market share clearly demonstrate that its products fulfil an important need in this sector.

Dali is the best selling home care bed in the whole of Europe. It is also available in a version suitable for automatic reprocessing.

Its outstanding range of functions, attractive design, immediate availability and ease of use are very strong points that make it a popular choice with medical supply retailers. The fact that Dali beds can be quickly set up on site – in as little as a few minutes and by a single person – significantly reduces costs and saves resources. Within Germany, Dali beds are delivered within 24 to 48 hours. In very urgent cases, these delivery times can on occasion be made even shorter. This is a service that a lot of customers already highly value, because being able to depend on swift delivery is often a very important factor in the home care sector.

All of Burmeier’s beds are built using the same standard parts. This creates significant added value for specialist retailers.

Another advantage of Burmeier’s extensive range of products is that it is sure to contain the right bed for just about every possible situation. In addition to its costeffective standard care bed, this includes children’s, heavy-duty and ultra low beds, as well as care beds with different mattress base dimensions and various safety side designs. Burmeier also offers a special bed insert that can be put into existing beds and comes with all of the features of a standard care bed. The extensive product range is furthermore rounded off with an innovative mobilisation bed.

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  • Joined the Stiegelmeyer Group in 1995
  • Germany’s leading care bed manufacturer
  • Burmeier’s Dali bed is the best selling care bed in the whole of Europe
  • Sells its products throughout Europe
  • Provides excellent customer focussed service
  • Delivers quickly
  • Products for all requirements
  • Long product service life
  • Products can be quickly and easily set up
  • Supplies spare parts for decades
  • Attractive prices
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