05. July 2015
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Venta - The new comfort

Discover the new soft cover

The new Venta care bed creates a comfortable and cosy atmosphere in the care room, and gives it that special individual note. It unites a wealth of technical innovations with a stylish design element: soft covers.

Soft covers are textile covers that are easy to fit over the bed’s headboard and footboard. There is a choice between a cushion-type or piped design in many attractive colours and patterns. The soft covers make it possible to give the bed an individual note to suit the taste of the resident and to fit in with every furnishing style. With their help, care staff can set entire living areas apart to great effect simply by using different colours. For an even more individual note, upholstered side panels and an upholstered fixed board along the bed’s side are also available.

The fabrics not only transform the appearance of the bed but also feel good to the touch and help to lend a cosy atmosphere. Fitting the soft covers was made possible by the development of new space-saving safety sides. They can be lowered sideways towards the foot end with a minimum of effort and disappear almost completely into the bed frame. In this position they form an ergonomic sitting surface to assist the occupant with getting in and out of bed.

The “movo” variant stands out with its particularly good mobility. With its large double castors, it is easy to wheel into the dining room or onto the patio and thus enable bed-ridden residents to always be where life takes place during the day. In view of their more than ample height adjustment range, all Venta beds can be ideally adjusted to the needs of occupants and caregivers alike.

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