12. June 2016
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Camera-eye view of what care may look like tomorrow

The association GerontoPro shoots a new film in the Stiegelmeyer showroom

No, there are no spies in the showroom. A package will not be delivered either. The drone that flies through the 2-storey premises has a quite different job: It carries a film camera and is recording the action on the ground. A touch of Hollywood settles in Herford as the association GerontoPro shoots the 20-minute film, “Auf einmal ist es morgen” (“And suddenly it’s tomorrow”) one long weekend at Stiegelmeyer.

The 2 GerontoPro directors Sabine Zessel and Jil Kamphöner are lecturers in the field of care for the elderly. “And suddenly it’s tomorrow” is the second film by the association. Young artistes from the Filmhaus Bielefeld, professional actors and the well-known care critic Claus Fussek are all taking part. Zessel and Kamphöner are worried about the future of caregiving. Will it be possible to stop the shortage of personnel? Will the elderly still receive personal care in an increasingly perfect technical world? GerontoPro wants to draw the attention of its viewers to questions such as these.

The new film shows 2 different fates experienced by an elderly man: secure within the circle of a loving family, on the one hand, and cared for by machines in an ultra-modern care unit of the future, on the other. The 2 parallel plots are mysteriously interwoven. In the Stiegelmeyer showroom, the floor and walls are shrouded in white to create a futuristic care scenario. The new Puro hospital bed appears so innovative that it looks like something from science fiction even without any extra props. At the same time, it is obviously extremely comfortable and cosy – in a big spread, the “Neue Westfälische” daily newspaper reports tongue-in-cheek that shortly after lunchtime, “the first extras fell asleep in their beds”.

The film crew under director Fabian Goldschmied and cameraman Johann Wurtz, however, remained wide awake throughout. At the end, they posted how successful they were on Facebook: “And so an incredibly good, though tiring shoot with the best team ever draws to a close.”

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