20. October 2014
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suite eMotion

Sophisticated living concepts that aim for values such as individualisation and self-realisation are in great demand in Germany

Demographic change means that the 50-plus generation will be by far the most influential group within the German population in coming years. According to this, requirements for furniture for the ageing generation need to be re-defined. Stiegelmeyer has developed the bed collection "Suite Emotion" as intelligent furniture that promotes independence into old age in a meaningful way.

It supports people and couples who would like to stay longer in their own homes by giving them important functions to suit their age such as continously variable adjustments to the mattress base according to their individual habits or the inclusion of digital assistance systems. The most striking design feature is the patented ‘Vitalgriff’ handle that coordinates the control of all bed functions. In a defined position the handle can also be used as an aid for standing up.

Memory buttons allow the user to save individual "favourite positions". The new bed collection corresponds to luxury beds by well-known German manufacturers in its form and design. The upholstery modifications can be designed freely using high-quality textile and leather collections and transform any bed into a personal item of furniture in the bedroom.

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