26. October 2017
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Individual protection

The safety sides of the new Evario hospital bed

Thanks to its intelligent modular system, our Evario hospital bed is suitable for all wards. Various equipment options cometogether to form a flexible bed. Two safety side systems are among the options available.

Preventing patient falls from hospital beds is of the highest priority. At the same time, however, it is important to promote mobility and reduce the use of freedomrestraining measures. Evario’s safety side systems are the right choice for meeting these requirements. With their generous protective height of up to 41 cm, they also allow problem-free use of comfort mattresses, anti-decubitus mattresses and alternating pressure systems.

The ¾ safety side covers a large proportion of the mattress base and in doing so provides a high level of safety. It is also space-saving, blends in discreetly and allows the patient an unobstructed view. Nursing staff can operate this safety side quickly and intuitively with just one hand – a real advantage in situations where every second counts. Raising and lowering the safety side hardly makes a sound and so does not disturb the patient.

The new Protega safety side is an alternative developed by Stiegelmeyer to provide a flexible response to patients’ needs. The wing-shaped split safety side in high-strength plastic can optionally be raised only at the head end or along the whole length of the mattress base. This forms an orientation aid or provides the patient with full protection. It only needs one hand to swing the safety side wings downwards in a quietly cushioned, power assisted motion so that they take up very little space along the side of the bed. Protega elements at the head end move along with any backrest adjustments and provide ideal protection even in a sitting position.

In practice

Gdansk – the Hanseatic city on the Polish Baltic Sea coast is a beautiful place for the first deployment of our new hospital bed Evario. In the “Szpital im. M. Kopernika“, staff had already had good experiences with our Seta bed, and are still very satisfied today. “From a selection of 6 bed models, the Evario proved to be the best choice thanks to its durability, technical equipment and aesthetics. The reliability of the safety sides and the wide height adjustment range were also very important for the requirements of our neurology unit,” explained one of the doctors.


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