19. June 2016
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Digital assistance systems

Light turned on when it's needed

People in need of care often need support and are pleased to exchange a few words with other people. But in reality, this poses great challenges. Care staff in hospitals and care homes for the elderly have to look after a great number of people and cannot be everywhere at once. Caring relatives need regular sleep and have to look after the home and the children. How then can residents and carers remain in constant contact with each other? The answer is easy: e-help.

Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier have deve-loped digital assistance systems with this name. These systems fulfil 3 functions at the same time: They protect the resident or patient without the use of safeguards that deprive them of liberty, are automatically there to help in the event of a potentially critical situation and provide a link to a carer or relative at any time. The Out-of-Bed system is particularly helpful in the daily routine.

A load sensor in the backrest registers when a resident gets out of bed, and can initiate several types of action. The sensor can switch on the under bed light and provide orientation in a dark room. It can send a signal to the call system in the building. In addition, it can activate a care phone after a defined period of between 15 seconds and 15 minutes. This special telephone then begins to dial the ready-programmed telephone numbers of carers or relatives. If no-one answers the phone when the first number is dialled, or an answerphone replies, the telephone dials the second number. Once contact has been made, the resident and the person who has been phoned can communicate using the speakerphone function.

The innovative LCD handset also provides digital comfort for the new Stiegelmeyer hospital beds and care beds. With only 3 buttons and a pleasantly backlit display, it is easy to use even for people with restricted capabilities. The LCD handset has 3 separate control levels for patients or residents, care staff and for technicians. This ensures that the bed is not damaged due to improper use or that patients do not inadvertently set the bed to a shock position.

The Stiegelmeyer Group’s digital assistance systems take the worry out of everyday care and ensure safety. They are constantly being expanded – customers should watch this space in the coming months for exciting news about additional features.


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