06. July 2017
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Well-being at the touch of a button

The integrated operating panel of the new Evario hospital bed

The Evario is our new hospital bed for all stations. One of the greatest strengths of this bed is its innovative operating concept. Intuitive operating panels are also available as an alternative to the practical LCD Handset.

These stylish flat control elements are integrated in the Protega safety sides on both sides of the bed. On the inwardfacing side, there is a clear and simple control surface for the patient, while the outward-facing side displays additional options for nursing staff or technicians.

The panels give the patient four options for adjustment that are often used during the daily routine: bed height adjustment, movement of the backrest and thigh rest as well as the change from a lying position to a comfortable sitting position. Reading, eating or standing up are made easier, the person’s well-being increases, and recovery is promoted.

The outward-facing side of the panel is designed with a display and makes it possible to select separate control levels for nursing staff and technical personnel. In addition to normal adjustments, this can be used to select medically indicated positions such as a Trendelenburg position. In an emergency, a nurse can also set the bed to the CPR position immediately at the touch of a button.

As a practical and positive aid for nursing staff, 3 preset backrest positions that are often required in day-to-day use are provided (15°, 30°, 45°). These can be selected at the touch of a button on the Evario control panel close to the patient. A cardiac chair position can also be set quickly using arrows on the display.

The Evario on camera

The great benefits of the Evario are also summarised in a video on our YouTube channel. Our video team from “life is motion” didn’t shy away from any efforts or effects needed to set the bed perfectly in scene. In the night-like dark blue, for example, the illuminated control panel and the under bed light came exceptionally into their own. Models took on the roles of patients and nurses – immediately confirming the comfort and the easy operation of the bed. You can find the video at:

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