27. November 2019
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Healthy sleep with new mattresses from Stiegelmeyer

High-quality models convince with pressure ulcer protection and excellent flexibility

Stiegelmeyer beds ensure a high level of comfort in hospitals and nursing homes. Their usually four-section, flexibly adjustable mattress bases allow many comfortable, health-promoting positions. When it comes to comfort and effective prevention of pressure ulcers, the choice of the right mattress also plays an important role. Stiegelmeyer offers a range of attractive models so that the bed and mattress can be configured as an individually coordinated unit. We presented three new mattresses at MEDICA.

For the first time, the leading bed manufacturer is working in cooperation with renowned mattress manufacturer TEMPUR. With its viscoelastic TEMPUR foam, the TEMPUR-MED® Premium Mattress offers particularly effective protection against pressure ulcers. This material was originally developed for NASA to protect people in aircraft accidents. The temperature sensitive foam moulds itself precisely to the contours of the user’s body and reduces pressure point loading. Clinical studies prove its effectiveness in preventing pressure ulcers – the risk of ulcers was considerably reduced in comparison to standard mattresses, even if the patient was repositioned less frequently. The TEMPUR-MED® Premium mattress is ideally suited for use in intensive care units and care facilities.

The new Sky-therm® mattress also features good pressure distribution and ensures a dry microclimate and excellent flexibility. The Sky-therm® foam is extremely resilient, so that the user does not sink rigidly into the mattress and can move unhindered. The surface of the foam is particularly point-elastic thanks to the innovative Rhombo-therm® punched holes. At the same time, the edge zone reinforcement prevents unintentional rolling to the side and makes getting out of bed and sitting down easier.

Wave cut ensures protection and mobility

The Sky-therm® mattress is a wave cut mattress. The Sky-therm® layer and the base layer lie on top of each other in a wave shape. The parts of the body that are susceptible to pressure ulcers are protected by thicker Sky-therm® zones, while the mattress adapts precisely to the contours of the mattress base at the adjustment angles between the backrest and thigh rest.

This good adaptation to the mattress base is also one of the strengths of the new Soft-therm mattress. Here, fine holes drilled in the base layer ensure excellent flexibility. The health-promoting effect of the Fowler or cardiac chair position, for instance, can thus be maximised without compromise. The holes also drain any liquids away and ensure good air circulation.


The three new mattresses round off the large selection of Stiegelmeyer mattresses, which also includes heavy-duty mattresses for overweight patients and residents, for example. Best possible nursing care and restful sleep – at Stiegelmeyer both belong inseparably together.



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