27. September 2023
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Great start, cheerful mood, fast recovery

Stiegelmeyer beds accompany young people from birth to teenage years

Germany celebrated World Children's Day on 20 September. At Stiegelmeyer, this date always reminds us of the great responsibility we bear for young patients. A stay in hospital often means a special psychological burden for children and their families. This makes it all the more important to make these days as pleasant as possible, to alleviate worries and to support a speedy recovery.

Beds for children and young people should therefore be comfortable, offer support, look cheerful – and meet high safety standards. In 2020, the European Union enacted a standard for paediatric beds, the development of which Stiegelmeyer also accompanied as an expert manufacturer. Our entire paediatric bed portfolio complies with this EN 50637 standard, so hospitals are safely investing in the future with every purchase. Our recently released Jovie model is even the first baby cot to implement all the specifications of the regulations. The standard focuses on distances between individual bed components, which must be dimensioned in such a way that children cannot get trapped or slip under the bars of the safety sides, for example.

With three models, Stiegelmeyer accompanies young people from birth to teenage years. In the EU standard, they correspond to the categories "crib" (known as baby cot in Stiegelmeyer's case), "cot" (known as children’s bed in Stiegelmeyer case) and "junior bed".

The Jovie baby cot provides a good start in life on maternity wards. The bed looks cosy and modern at the same time and is available in several colours – including a bright red, which babies have proven to find pleasant because they know it from the time of pregnancy.

The Jovie promotes the important bonding phase between parents and child in the first days. With the help of its height adjustability and its lowerable transparent protective side panel, it can be pushed next to the mother's bed to create a continuous mattress base. The mother can take the child to her at any time without physical effort. Even when the Jovie is standing freely in the room, parents and nursing staff can pick up the infant without straining their backs.

These and many other advantages also convinced the jury of the renowned iF Design Awards. Immediately after its release, the Jovie won one of the prestigious prizes in the "Products" category.

When the little patients have grown up a bit and measure between 75 and 125 cm, the Cuddle children's bed welcomes them like an exciting playset. The bed frame in bright yellow, green or blue and the funny bear faces immediately make them want to settle in.

With the Cuddle, safety sides made of aluminium rods are only available on request: as standard, this bed is equipped with safety sides made of transparent polycarbonate. The children enjoy a clear view of the room in all four directions. Large flat surfaces prevent patients from pulling themselves up, getting trapped or bumping into protruding parts. At the same time, this flat design makes cleaning much easier.

Intelligent details provide more safety and promote efficient treatment. As standard, oval slots in the head and footboards allow the passage of monitoring cables, drainages and supply lines. The intuitive control box can be locked in at the foot end, as required by the EU standard.

When the patients have outgrown the Cuddle, the Seta pro junior is the seamless follow-up model for older children and teenagers. As a youth bed, it combines almost all the strengths of a model for adults and at the same time implements all normative requirements.

With its mattress base of 78 by 180 cm, the Seta pro junior offers patients plenty of space and at the same time is easy to manoeuvre even in smaller rooms. Fully electric adjustment of the backrest elements, a height adjustment range of 35 to 91 cm and stable full-length safety sides offer all the options in everyday use that staff are used to from adult beds.

The growing worldwide success of these beds from Germany to Dubai to Morocco shows us that we are on the right track and are meeting people's needs internationally. The passion for the well-being of young people motivates us – not only on World Children's Day, but always.

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