08. December 2023
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Did you know?

This is how you can easily save a customised stand-up height for your Stiegelmeyer care bed

A major advantage of height-adjustable care beds is the option of choosing the optimum stand-up height. Stiegelmeyer care beds are factory-set so that they make an intermediate stop at approx. 38 cm when raised or lowered – ideal for many people to get up and sit down. However, this intermediate stop can of course also be customised. Marketing product manager Ilona Wiemann and our apprentice Max Grote show how easy this is with the HB400 handset, an intuitive handset with illuminated buttons that comes as standard with the Elvido, Venta and Tereno care beds. It is also available as an option for the Libra.

Step 1: Select stand-up height

Raise the bed to the desired new stand-up height using the handset.


Step 2: Test the stand-up height with the resident

Test together with the resident whether the new height is really comfortable and safe. Please remember: The optimum position for standing up is not the same as the optimum sitting position. Although the soles of the feet should touch the floor completely when standing up, the mattress base can be raised as high as possible. The resident then glides effortlessly from the side of the bed to a standing position.


Steps 3 and 4: Saving the stand-up height

When the new stand-up height has been definitively set, press the two upper left buttons on the handset simultaneously three times in succession.

Then immediately press the third left button from the top. An acoustic signal confirms that the new intermediate stop has been saved.

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