30. January 2024
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Did you know?

Setting up the operation of our partner bed

Our Libra partner and Regia partner double beds combine comfort with maximum safety. The back and leg rests can be individually adjusted on both sides of the bed. The height adjustment and tilt to the sitting position are always synchronised for the entire bed. To set up this partner mode when assembling the bed, a few simple adjustments are required using the handset. No more than 10 seconds should elapse between each of these steps so as not to interrupt the process. If you are setting up a partner bed, please read this description in full first or watch the video.

Step 1: Connecting the two single bed halves

Connect the two halves of the bed with the synchro cable. To do this, plug the cable ends into the distribution boxes located in the centre under the mattress bases.


When the single beds have been connected correctly, the LED lights on the two handsets flash from top to bottom. The set-up can begin. It is sufficient to carry out the following steps with one of the two handsets.


Step 2: Single bed mode

Press the 4th pair of buttons (thigh rest) on the selected handset at the same time and hold it against one of the orange magnets in the mattress brackets. A signal tone sounds, the LED of the 1st pair of buttons lights up and the LEDs of the two lower pairs of buttons flash. The bed is now in single bed mode.


Step 3: Activating partner mode

Now press the 2nd pair of buttons simultaneously to set the partner mode. Make sure that the handset is not in the immediate vicinity of the magnet. After 10 seconds, a signal tone sounds and the height adjustment LED flashes. The single beds are not at the same height and must be synchronised.


Step 4: Synchronise the bed halves

To synchronise the two halves of the bed with each other, press the 2nd pair of buttons again simultaneously – until the interval of the signal tone that sounds becomes shorter.

Now press the left button of the 3rd row to move the two mattress bases to the maximum height. After releasing the button, the signal tone stops and the beds are synchronised.

Step 5: Unlock the handset again

For safety reasons, the two handsets are now locked – visible by the orange illuminated lock symbols. Both handsets must be unlocked individually. To do this, hold one handset briefly against the magnet and then press the left-hand buttons on each row to unlock. Start with the 2nd row, the rest of the sequence is up to you. To use the handset, hold it in front of the magnet one last time or wait 10 seconds.


Our video also shows you how easy and smooth this setup is:

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