19. December 2023
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Starting the future with friends

Motivated apprentices keep the Stiegelmeyer Group young

The Stiegelmeyer Group has always had an "ace up its sleeve" in the search for the best specialists of tomorrow. Our apprentices inspire us time and again with their drive and enthusiasm. Year after year, modern times move into the company with them and often remain for many years – sometimes for the duration of a working life. The most prominent "ex-apprentice" is Managing Director Ralf Wiedemann, who began his training as an industrial clerk in Herford in 1978 and 45 years later continues to work with undiminished energy for the success of Stiegelmeyer. One of the main reasons for the company's attractiveness and retention power is our most beautiful value: "Human".

A look back at 2016: Stiegelmeyer celebrates an "Apprentice Day" in Herford and captures this event in a film that is one of the most likeable documents in the company's history. Many of the young people who look optimistically into the future in front of the camera are now valued employees or have successfully paved their way elsewhere with the skills they have acquired. Sebastian Schön, now assistant to our sales management, was also there at the time and says of the company: "Everyone is listened to individually and the needs of each individual are catered for."

This is precisely the reason why apprentices feel so at home at our German locations in Herford, Hiddenhausen and Nordhausen. "Human" means welcoming everyone openly and encouraging them according to their talents. In their departments, the apprentices are neither stuck with menial tasks nor thrown into the deep end. They take part in exciting projects, can contribute creatively and work independently. Experienced colleagues are there to support them at all times.

Numerous future-proof professions can be learnt in the Stiegelmeyer Group. Max Grote is currently a prospective marketing communications specialist and can utilise his digital and media strengths every day. Everyone else has equally interesting tasks: industrial clerks and warehouse logistics specialists, technical product designers and IT specialists. If you like working with your hands and at the same time want to familiarise yourself with state-of-the-art automated production systems, you are in the right place as a wood mechanic in Nordhausen.

In Herford, a quick glance out of the window is often enough to capture the good mood of the apprentices on their way to lunch. The young women and men are also a team beyond working hours. They have barbecues together or go paintballing after work, for example. Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier are places to make friends.

Perhaps this is why our apprentices are so motivated to look for future colleagues themselves. It's not so easy for companies today to get in touch with the younger generation, but in the Stiegelmeyer Group, the apprentices are the best ambassadors on their own behalf. After intensive preparations during the pandemic, the 2022 team made its live debut with a self-designed booth at the "Vocatium" training fair in Bielefeld. With the modern Evario hospital bed and a self-built wheel of fortune on the booth, the interest of the schoolchildren was quickly piqued. In 2023, a team with new faces repeated this success.

"Human" – this value is particularly evident in a company when dealing with young and older employees. At Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier, all generations, cultures and lifestyles are valued, and colleagues of all ages work together harmoniously and without prejudice, sharing their knowledge. This is one of the secrets of our almost 125-year success story.

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