23. September 2020
// Customers & Partners

With passion to a new brand image

The advertising agency scanlitho.teams based in the German city of Bielefeld has been a partner of the Stiegelmeyer-Group since 2017

Anyone who has come into contact with Stiegelmeyer or Burmeier regularly in recent years has been able to observe fundamental changes: The brands of our company now present themselves much more distinctly, the communication strategy has been modernised. Our trade fair booths, websites and brochures offer more information, better clarity, more distinctive colours, a new font – the corporate design of the Stiegelmeyer-Group is ready for the new decade. Our advertising agency scanlitho.teams from Bielefeld has played a major role in this change. Since the end of 2017 it has been our partner in many marketing matters.

The full-service agency with currently 35 employees has been based in Bielefeld's Bethel district since 1985. In the modern building complex, Frauke Laumeyer-Lucietto and Matthias Kampmann have recently succeeded the company founders and manage projects for regional and national clients such as Dr. Oetker, the Fuchs Group, Schüco and the renowned Berentzen AG. During a tour of the agency, one encounters impressive samples of work, such as food packaging, which many Germany have probably already held in their hands. And the odd award or two can also be found on the premises.

It all starts with a strategy

The in-house photo studio with a fully equipped show kitchen proves that the term "full service agency" is no exaggeration for scanlitho. From the first concept, design and realisation to high-quality digital printing, experts are always available at the premises on Eggeweg. This is very helpful for customers, especially in situations with high time pressure. The new catalogue will only be ready shortly before the trade fair? Scanlitho will print it overnight and still apply the highest quality standards.

The development of the new corporate design for Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier illustrates many typical work processes of an advertising agency. It all starts with fundamental strategic considerations: What distinguishes a company or product, which target groups should be addressed and how, where should the profile be sharpened? Scanlitho interviewed Stiegelmeyer customers and employees, resulting in texts and diagrams with concise characteristics and goals. The new design was developed step by step from this mission statement.

Visual language for healthcare and nursing

During the development, the graphic designers showed their experience: Which colours suit which product line, which visual language best represents everyday life in a hospital or nursing home? Our marketing team was at the round table for weeks, for example to compare ten brochure covers in different hospital blues or Burmeier green shades – spoilt for choice. It was a job that required a lot of attention to detail and was often great fun.

The new graphic elements were immediately incorporated into the complete redesign of all Stiegelmeyer-Group websites. Our marketing web team and the specialists from scanlitho discussed menu navigation, arrangement of the theme tiles and the most reader-friendly presentation of the product information. Today, the Stiegelmeyer-Group website, the brand websites of Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier, and the customer magazine FORUM present more information than ever before. And all this in an attractive modern look.

A new corporate design will only be defined once for the coming years. But of course that is not all. Even in normal everyday life, the contact between Stiegelmeyer and scanlitho.teams is close. New beds and furniture have to be presented online and in catalogues, technical changes have to be incorporated. From the design of the wall calendar to the imprint on the promotional give-awys, joint creativity is required. However, one important area is currently at a standstill due to the Corona crisis: the design of our trade fair booths will only continue when major visitor fairs in the healthcare sector are allowed to take place again. We are all looking forward to this with great hope.

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