07. August 2019
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Quado – the small bedside cabinet full of great ideas

Stiegelmeyer introduces a mobile compact miracle with a modern design

Modern hospital beds determine the image of the Stiegelmeyer showroom in Herford. Puro, Evario and Vertica clinic stand in front of bright light boxes and impress visitors with their clear lines. Now, a new member is to be seen in this company, which is the smallest in terms of dimensions, but in terms of functionality will play a major role: our new bedside cabinet Quado, the compact miracle.

The Quado is significantly slimmer and lighter than conventional bedside cabinets but offers a comparable level of comfort – and makes work on wards much easier. What were the reasons for Stiegelmeyer to develop such a small modern bedside cabinet?

Large storage space on a small area

"First of all, limited space is available in many hospital rooms," explains Product Manager Lars Schröder. "The Quado fits next to every bed, even in narrow spaces." Experience has shown that patients put a lot of personal belongings in their bedside cabinet. Even a smaller model must therefore offer enough storage space. During the development of the Quado great effort was made to make the best possible use of the available space. Two compartments and a drawer can be reached from both sides and provide room for e.g. two bottles of 1½ liter volume. The optional lockable drawer is also suitable for larger wallets.

The Quado also offers other spaces to accommodate a lot. As standard, a rail protects the upper table top, so that glasses and cups can be safely put down. The damped foldable overbed table is suitable for enjoyable meals. Lars Schröder reaches under the overbed table and shows how many practical details are in the Quado: On both sides of the table small bookrests can be extended, on which one can e.g. store a smartphone to comfortably watch a video. To change the height of the entire bedside cabinet, just press a button on the rail and pull or push the cabinet’s body into the desired position. This works with one hand and little effort.

Reliable hygiene with little effort

Made of large plastic elements, the Quado is very easy and thorough to clean – both automatically and manually. "The compartments have large radii and the overall design is flat with as less niches as possible. You can reach every area well, "explains Mr. Schröder. If several Quado are stored before or after cleaning, they can be pushed together and require even less space.

The compact miracle Quado also convinces with its second great strength: it is also very mobile. If the bed is moved to another room or to another ward, the light Quado can simply be attached to the head or footboard of most Stiegelmeyer beds for joint transport. This is especially useful when a patient is transferred: "If you were to clean up the patient's things and put them away in another bedside cabinet, the nurse would have to document each item in writing. With Quado you just take the bedside cabinet with you, without the need for going back or a second person to push it, "says Lars Schröder.

All in all, the Quado with its excellent price-performance ratio is a profit calculation for every hospital. The hospital saves space, costs, physical effort caused by transport and cleaning and even paperwork. It gains comfort for its patients and an elegant piece of furniture that gives the rooms a modern, pleasant look.

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