20. April 2023
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Award-winning start to life

New baby cot Jovie wins an iF Design Award immediately after its launch

There's no better way to launch a new product. Our Jovie baby cot is only just available – and is already reaching the first customers with award-winning credentials. The beautifully designed bed immediately won one of the prestigious iF Design Awards in the "Products" category. The vote of the top-class jury honours the outstanding work of our designer Jürgen Sechser and our product manager Magdalena Höwelkröger. The iF Award is a renowned design prize awarded by iF International Forum Design GmbH from Hanover in Germany and presented in the city of Berlin.

High safety with the new children's bed standard

Besides its appearance, the modern concept of the Jovie is particularly remarkable. The first days after the birth of a child are an exciting, emotional time. Parents and infant need space and support during these days to recover and successfully savour the bonding phase. The Jovie was specially developed for particularly close contact between parents and newborn. At the same time, it is the first model of its kind to comply with the new EN 50637 children's bed standard. The focus is on safety for the baby.

The shape and design of the Jovie resemble a basket with a transparent protective side panel that always allows an unobstructed view of the baby. The protective side panels can be effortlessly lowered to create a continuous mattress base to the mother's bed if desired. The height adjustability of the baby cot also contributes to this, bringing it exactly to the mattress height of the mother. Nursing staff and parents can also adjust the Jovie so high that they can change the baby's nappy or hold the baby in their arms for breastfeeding without straining their back.

Many well thought-out and loving details make the new product a very special bed. A slight tilt into the reverse-Trendelenburg position alleviates reflux difficulties for the baby. Head and footboards in the optional colour red are a pleasant sight for babies, familiar from pregnancy. And the standard integrated storage for nappies or nursing care utensils makes everyday life easier.

Joy and relaxation in the family room

The Stiegelmeyer Group is a comprehensive provider of beds, furniture and assistance solutions for all areas of nursing care. That is why our family-run company also sets up a complete family room in the maternity ward on request.

The Jovie can be combined with a modern hospital bed such as the Puro or the Evario. With the electrically adjustable Libra partner double bed, both parents can stay together with their child in the hospital. Bedside cabinets, a comfortable armchair for breastfeeding, a chest of drawers for changing nappies and a spacious wardrobe give the family room a high degree of privacy and a special feel-good factor. Hospitals can thus offer their patients the highest level of comfort in the elective service segment and sustainably increase their public image.


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