08. January 2020
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Libra – Feeling good in every phase of life

Our new comfort bed accompanies people through the years

Many people dream of a bed that supports them in all phases of life. Our new comfort bed Libra fulfils this wish. With its Vario Safe system, the Libra adapts to many requirements and develops with its users. With this bed you can enjoy restful sleep, pleasant leisure time and start the day comfortably and independently.

With the Vario Safe fasteners of the Libra, the head and footboards as well as the side panels can be removed or replaced without tools. This allows the owner to change the bed over time according to his/her wishes. If you would like to replace the wood decor with an elegant fixed upholstery, the matching elements can be ordered at any time. If you need protection while sleeping or standing up, you can retrofit easy-to-operate safety sides.

Enjoying the beautiful things

The head and footboards can be removed in seconds to make many pleasant things in life even more pleasant. A soothing head massage or a gentle pedicure in bed provide new energy for everyday life. The user can move the Libra to any desired place in his or her home because the castors ensure good mobility. At the same time, they are so elegantly disguised that, as a design element, they ensure particular cosiness.

The proper height of your own bed is often a delicate question in everyday life. For sleeping, you would prefer it to be lower above the ground, medium high for standing up and very high for making the bed. Just when you've got used to all the dimensions, you buy a higher mattress and everything feels wrong again. Enough of this! The lift function of the Libra fulfils every wish immediately. With a handset the mattress base can be smoothly adjusted from 25 to 80 cm. People of different body sizes can stand up comfortably. If the covers need to be changed, the maximum position offers a working surface that is back-friendly.

The four-part mattress base can take on many health-promoting positions. The chair position, in which the bed tilts to a foot low position, is particularly comfortable. This makes a TV evening just as enjoyable as breakfast in bed. When lying or sitting, the standard comfort mattress base consisting of 50 free-swinging elements ensures a precise sense of well-being. If you have to stay in bed for a longer period of time, it helps to distribute the pressure more evenly and supports recovery.

Decors and upholstery for every taste

A homelike appearance is one of the Libra's strengths. The straight-line head and footobards and side panels stand for timeless elegance. They can be finished with numerous wood decors as well as fabric and imitation leather upholstery to create an individual designer bed.

The Libra is the newest member of the Stiegelmeyer lifestyle bed family. Further models are the elegant suite eMotion, which exceeds the highest expectations and is also available as a double bed, as well as the Lindeo comfort bed insert, which can be installed in almost any existing bed frame. Our lifestyle and comfort beds are suitable for very different requirements – from the young family looking for a cosy centre of their home to older people looking for support for a self-determined life.

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