27. October 2022
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"Before we don't do it right, we'd better not do it at all".

The team from life is motion has been a film partner of the Stiegelmeyer Group since 2016

When Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier present moving images, life is motion is very often behind the scenes. From the promotional film for the Elvido care bed to the 360° tour of our showroom, the creative team from Herford, Germany, has created content of the highest quality. How our partners from life is motion see the cooperation with us, they tell you here themselves:

"For me, Stiegelmeyer is exciting, impressive, breathtaking, multifaceted ..." These words marked the start of life is motion's first film project for the Stiegelmeyer Group. That was in 2016, when the creative team accompanied the "Apprentice Day". More than six years and a medium double-digit number of projects later, the film team can assure that the trainees' statements were true.

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The spectrum of films for the Stiegelmeyer Group is huge. Product films present the advantages in a compact and emotional way. Tutorials and instructional films illustrate operation and maintenance. Advertising films stage new functions and projects and thus create attention.

A collective of film producers, designers, poets and thinkers - that is life is motion. As advocates of aesthetics and structure, the team from Herford sets itself one task first and foremost: to understand the company, to comprehend the products and to breathe the same air as the customer.

Creating a film is about having a lot of things in mind at the same time and weighing different elements. Product experts set different priorities than marketing experts. Sales staff define objectives differently than creative agencies. And yet each side of the coin has its justification and is a section, a perspective on the big picture. In all of this, it is important not to lose focus. After all, who wants average, mediocre? This is exactly what the life is motion team means when they say they want to understand their customers.

For a creative result to emerge from this cognitive process of understanding, it means putting heads together, discussing, discarding, starting again and finally gaining insights. And those that are feasible and simple within themselves. The best ideas are often simple.

The image video for the Elvido care bed is a particularly successful example of our collaboration:

For ten years now, both medium-sized B2B industrial companies and large companies with internationally known B2C brands have been among the customers. In addition to Stiegelmeyer, Dr. Oetker, Miele and the Ehrlich Brothers, for example, also value film productions by life is motion.

"We don't want to be the biggest. We want to arouse emotions, create identification with brands and consistently stick by this conviction. Before we don't get it right, we'd rather not do it at all," says Max Rahn, managing owner of life is motion.

You can find the Stiegelmeyer Group’s film portfolio on Youtube:

Stiegelmeyer-Group - YouTube


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