14. March 2019
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Homecare on the way to becoming a "smart home"

Wireless handset and apps for the new Dali series

Remote controls are an integral part of our everyday lives. Television, satellite receiver, music system – we operate everything at the touch of a button, while at the same time walking through the room and talking on the phone or dusting the shelf. When Burmeier started to develop the new Dali care bed series, an idea immediately came up: we want to offer this flexibility to the users of our beds! The result is the innovative wireless handset of the Dali series.


Without the usual spiral cable, the new handset controls the bed from a distance of up to 5 metres. When not in use, it can be attached to the safety sides as usual. This ensures a lot of comfort and freedom of movement and at the same time solves many everyday problems. Product Manager Frank Himmelskötter, for example, talked to representatives of homecare services about their requirements. One point of criticism was: "The cable handset is always hanging on the wrong side of the bed." From there it was not easy to move it without walking around the bed. Wireless, however, you just reach for it quickly. Nurses and residents can move much more flexibly in and around the bed. The handset can be positioned wherever it is needed: on the bedside cabinet, the serving tray or on the bathtub lift.

Protected from damage

In addition, there is an advantage that particularly benefits the operators of the Dali beds: The new handset reduces the risk of damage. Although the previous cable connection was safe and resilient, it offered an area for improper handling. Overrun or overstretched spiral cables made repairs necessary, which will not happen anymore. Also, the hygiene properties of the bed improve, because a thorough cleaning of the spiralled cable was complex.

The handset is paired with the care bed via Bluetooth pairing. Just hold it close to the bed and press the two buttons of the second row for a short while. Should several Dali beds be used in the immediate vicinity, it is impossible for the handset to control the wrong bed. However, you can always assign it to another Dali by reconnecting. This also makes logistics easier for medical supply retailers: the individual Dali beds do not require a specific wireless handset, but simply any one.

Administration with the Dali-Lock app

As before, certain adjustment functions of the bed can be individually locked with the handset. For example, if the resident is recovering from a femoral neck fracture, the electrical movement of the upper leg rest should be disabled. This locking is even easier and more intuitive with the new Dali-Lock app.

Any user of an Android or Apple smartphone can download the app for free from the respective app store. After a short tutorial and the automatic connection with the bed, the lock screen appears, where all functions can be locked or unlocked individually by a simple tap.

The Dali-Lock app can also be downloaded as part of the more comprehensive Burmeier app. It offers the user a lot of information about Burmeier's products, quick access to our social media and video channels and all the news from the FORUM magazine. With the apps, Burmeier opens the door to the promising area of ​​ "smart home". Both people in need of care and relatives as well as the medical supply trade will benefit from the opportunities offered by digitisation – through support in everyday care and attractive offers for customers.

Discover the digital strengths of the new Dali series at the EXPOLIFE trade fair in Kassel from 28 to 30 March. The Burmeier team is looking forward to many interesting discussions at Booth B06 in Hall 12 + 13. Admission to the fair is free for trade visitors. We recommend an online registration:


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