29. June 2022
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The Quado – a bedside cabinet with many advantages

Did you know?

Our slim, intelligent bedside cabinet Quado impresses nursing staff and patients worldwide. Its large storage capacity in a small space, its excellent hygiene properties and its easy transportability ensure well-being in the hospital. In nursing homes, the easily movable Quado can also be used as a ward trolley. So that you can make full use of all the strengths of the bedside cabinet, we refer you back to our product video.

Flexibility is the trump card of the Quado. The drawer and the compartments in the body can be used from both sides – at the same time, the drawer is secured against unintentional removal. The bed is in a high stand-up position or even in the sitting position? No problem – the entire bedside cabinet is height-adjustable with just one hand.

The foldable overbed table is suitable for enjoyable meals and has another convenient extra function: with just a few hand movements, a bookend can be extended to hold a magazine or a paperback book.

The most obvious strength of the Quado is that it is easy to transport along with the bed - to do this, the bedside cabinet is simply hooked onto the head or foot board and then rolls along. Even on a very uneven floor, this does not cause any problems: The construction of the lightweight bedside cabinet is so stable that the Quado can also hang from the bed without touching the floor with its castors.

Our product video shows you how easy and intuitive it is to use all these powerful advantages:

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