09. February 2022
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Dubai inspires hope for tomorrow's life

Successful Stiegelmeyer appearance at Arab Health in a time of change

Export Manager Dorian Klusmann and Area Sales Manager Eduard Ulmer took a trip into spring at the end of January. The two flew to the Arab Health trade fair in Dubai for Stiegelmeyer. There they had very successful discussions – and enjoyed a little view of the world post-Covid.

"The sun was shining, it was a pleasant 23 to 25 degrees and the city had come back to life," says Mr Klusmann. Public squares and malls were just as busy as Arab Health itself. In any case, Dubai is currently the trade fair centre par excellence, since the World Expo 2020 is taking place in the city until 31 March. Unlike in Germany, there was no limit to the number of visitors. Only the compulsory wearing of masks was reminiscent of the pandemic.

"After two years of restraint in the Middle East, one now notices that business life in the health sector is returning to normal," reports Mr Klusmann. For the Stiegelmeyer-Group, he says, this is a double incentive to become even more active in this region.

This intention was immediately underlined by the joint trade fair appearance with our new distribution partner for the United Arab Emirates, the Modern Pharmaceutical Company (MPC). Both companies shared a booth. "This is a great partner, we expect a lot from this cooperation", emphasises Mr Klusmann. MPC is one of the most successful trading companies in the region in the healthcare sector with a company history of over 50 years. It is part of the Albatha Group, which employs more than 7,000 people. The joint booth, which was planned at relatively short notice, immediately showed how efficiently and harmoniously MPC and Stiegelmeyer work together. Everything went completely smoothly.


In principle, the Stiegelmeyer-Group offers products from all divisions in the Arab region, but the focus is clearly on the hospital sector. "The provision of specific care beds for elderly people is still rare there," explains Mr Klusmann. Those who care for relatives at home and can afford it are more likely to buy a hospital bed.

Consequently, Mr Klusmann and Mr Ulmer showed two hospital beds at the stand, and very different ones at that: on the one hand, the new Evario one ward bed for good and economical everyday medical care, and on the other hand, the Sicuro tera ICU bed with its numerous modern options for extensive patient care.

Both beds were very well received. "Visitors really appreciate the fact that Stiegelmeyer now also offers hospital beds with international-style plastic safety sides," reports Mr Ulmer. The new safety side of the Evario one, the integrated control panels and the overall easy and intuitive operation immediately made a good impression, he says: "Many visitors shared our assessment that the Evario one is a new front-runner in the field of international standard care." Guests were similarly impressed by the Sicuro tera. They praised the fact that the bed offered all important functions without appearing overloaded and technically complicated.

A large proportion of the visitors to the trade fair in Dubai were distributors who work with medical technology companies as trading partners. Among the guests from 25 countries at Stiegelmeyer, however, were also hospital staff, reports Mr Ulmer – nursing managers, purchasing managers, doctors and medical technicians.

They all enjoyed the optimistic atmosphere and the many amenities in Dubai, from the comfortable yet affordable hotel rooms to the excellent transport connections. In many discussions, Germany as a trade fair location had come off modestly in comparison. There is much to be done here after Covid. The Stiegelmeyer-Group, on the other hand, has already set the course for a promising future with its successful participation and customised products.

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