16. July 2018
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Moving Safely in Marienhospital

A one-day seminar for a “bed driving licence” from Stiegelmeyer with Mario Ohl

The “imperial bed” creates instant security. Mario Ohl begins his presentation for the “bed driving licence” with a picture of the very first Stiegelmeyer hospital bed from 1910. The course participants look at its scroll work in amazement: “This is how long Stiegelmeyer has been in existence!” Then Mr. Ohl returns the compliment right away: “But not as long as the Marienhospital – your hospital has been in existence since 1868!”

With this little history excursion behind them, the course energetically turns to the present. Mario Ohl, After-Sales Manager at Stiegelmeyer, is spending the day at the Marienhospital in Bottrop. To earn a “bed driving licence” from him, the staff is divided into six groups. What awaits them is not a strict exam but a 60-minute seminar all about the Stiegelmeyer beds in the hospital. Mr. Ohl is there to give them information on the best possible way to operate the beds. His goal is to provide relief for the employees and to support them while, at the same time, avoid unnecessary damage to the beds.

In addition to the proven hospital beds Comforta and Seta, the new Evario model is being used in Bottrop. Luckily, the course participants already feel secure and comfortable operating this bed. They praise its good mobility and the easy operation of the Protega safety side.

Mario Ohl offers many other tips. He explains the modern control panel in the safety side and points out that this control panel has its own control level for nursing staff. For example, it can be used to lock certain functions forthe patient. To finish up, Mr. Ohl demonstrates the easy operation of the bed extension and explains that it must always be fully extended when in use – otherwise the clearances do not comply with the standard.

To wheel the bed more easily through the corridors, one castor needs to be set in the straight-ahead position. For the Evarios in Bottrop, the 5th castor in the middle of the bed is the directional castor. For beds with only 4 castors, Mario Ohl suggests: “Push the bed so that the directional castor is at the opposite bed end. It is not very ergonomic if it is directly next to your feet, as our study with the FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences has shown.”

The participants ask questions, give feedback, and express some criticism. Mario Ohl responds to everything in detail and promises to research unanswered points. The “bed driving licence” is not something that has to be "passed" – participation is enough to receive a certificate of completion. However, the interest and attentiveness of the staff shows that the hour was well spent and will help with handling the beds even more easily in the future.

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