22. February 2018
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Bed driving licence

More safety and ease with the bed driving licence

Passing a driving test is a special highlight for many young people: Freedom and independence finally beckon. Does a bed driving licence offer comparable advantages? After all, dealing with hospital beds is part of the routine in every hospital. Nursing, logistics or reprocessing personnel operate the beds at minute intervals without considering this a challenge. And yet, damage to beds and room furnishings occurs again and again during the fast pace of everyday work. How can this happen?

Operating errors can easily occur, particularly with rarely used functions, or with the new options provided with modern hospital beds. The consequences are unnecessary costs and time losses, which are a burden to the user and may also be felt by the patients. The Stiegelmeyer bed driving licence is therefore a worthwhile investment for all employees.

The driving licence imparts practical knowledge that goes far beyond mere product briefings. How can collision damage be prevented when moving the beds? Which bed functions, that may have been overlooked, could provide relief for staff? Stiegelmeyer’s service department provides answers to such questions, individually tailored to your company – and, of course, thus also meets the requirement to provide user instructions, in accordance with the German Medical Products Operator Ordinance. Training for the bed driving licence takes about one hour. For the training session, our experienced instructor Mario Ohl needs a training room with two beds and a projector, as well as enough space to “drive” the beds in the building. Up to 15 people can take part in one training course, and up to 6 courses per day are possible.

With the bed driving licence under their belts, staff continue their work with fresh motivation and greater ease. Take advantage of these benefits for your company and find out more today at:

Telephone: +49 (0) 5221 185-889


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