21. April 2020
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Reliable hygiene from a single source

Machine washable beds from Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier are strong aids in the pandemic

Reliable hygiene is currently a topic that shapes every aspect of our daily lives. The successful fight against multi-resistant germs and dangerous viruses in hospitals and in care is particularly important. Beds play an important role here, because both patients and nursing staff come into close contact with them in rapid succession. During the pandemic, many regular patients are also being transferred from hospital beds to home care beds in order to create additional capacity in the hospitals. A hygiene concept from a single source would be ideal for this purpose. This is precisely where the strength of the Stiegelmeyer-Group with its decades of experience in the design of machine-washable beds is evident.

Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier offer both hospital and home care beds in variants for automated reprocessing. These models offer convincingly reliable, validatable hygiene and at the same time relieve the strain on personnel, as there is no longer any need for strenuous cleaning by hand.

Automated reprocessing also with plastic safety sides

In the hospital sector, for example, the Puro and Evario are available in machine washable versions. In the case of the Evario, this even applies to the split plastic Protega safety sides – a strong unique selling point. Our washable hospital beds meet the high requirements of protection class IPX6W (W stands for washable). Stiegelmeyer has developed this quality standard together with the drive manufacturer Linak.

An innovative paint coating formula protects the metal parts of the beds from corrosion. In addition, effective cavity preservation is carried out before powder coating. The coating is environmentally friendly and, depending on the bed selected, is available in white and argentum to add to its attractive appearance. The robust product quality enables a surface-preserving and hygienically flawless reprocessing.

Renowned partner for an optimal washing process

Stiegelmeyer works closely with the leading washing system manufacturer Belimed in the design and testing of machine-washable hospital beds. A modern Belimed washing system is in continuous use at our development centre in Herford to further optimise our beds and the washing process. Customers who use products from both companies can rely on a high, valid and reliable quality of hygiene. At the same time, the workflows in bed reprocessing are becoming more efficient and the occupational safety of hospital staff is being improved.

In home care, machine-based reprocessing offers decisive advantages while the bed is in the medical supply store between two assignments. Future users must be able to rely on flawless cleaning and disinfection. At the same time, it is also important to protect employees – today more than ever. The care bed Dali wash and the bed insert Lippe IV washable by Burmeier were designed especially for these requirements.

Safely protected against corrosion

Both models are pushed onto their storage and transport aid and into the washing system without the need to dismantle the drive system beforehand. They are protected against corrosion by their CDP coating on the outside and inside. CDP stands for "cathodic dip painting", an electrochemical painting process for maximum durability. Drilling holes ensure that residual liquids can drain off completely after the washing process. Burmeier also works together with a leading manufacturer of washing systems: Installations from RehaWash Systems GmbH are specially tailored to our home care beds.

Reduced workload and time savings also play a major role when using machine-washable beds in medical supply stores. Due to the quick and energy-saving automated reprocessing, unnecessary downtimes of the beds are avoided. At the same time, the employees are available for other tasks. The specialist trade saves costs and storage space and can use the beds in the flat rate per case system again more quickly.

Machine-washable beds are a great advantage in times of a pandemic, but their strengths are equally convincing in normal everyday life. Our colleagues in field service and in-house sales at Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier will be happy to advise you.

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