26. November 2020
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Christmas joy that lasts

Gift tips from Burmeier make everyday care more beautiful in the long term

Giving presents to your own parents is not always easy. Fathers, in particular, often tend to have a tendency to wishlessness, which leads to socks and ties under the Christmas tree. It can be even more difficult to find a nice present for a person in need of care. What used to be well received often no longer works today – books or DVDs overwhelm cognitive abilities, perfume or jewellery cause irritation in people with dementia. So, what should one give as a gift when the gift may no longer be recognised as such?

A large number of advice pages on the Internet deal with this question. They all come to similar conclusions. The best gift for people in need of care is of course time for loving attention. However, it is precisely this most natural of gifts that has been shaken by the Corona pandemic. A Christmas visit to the grandmother in need of care in another city could be difficult this year. Some caregiving relatives will probably be more likely to invest in large-format smartphones and tablet computers to bring the outside world into the house, at least by video call.

Bringing back positive memories

Another tip from all the experts are gifts that bring back positive memories. A CD with the former favourite music, a soft toy with the look of the former cat or a photo album with labelled pictures awaken feelings of happiness. They also give people suffering from dementia a feeling of security and strengthen their memory. The same applies to all objects that create a warm, cuddly environment: comfortable house clothes, a thick blanket or fluffy and safe shoes.

Many people in need of care spend a large proportion of their time in bed. Gifts that make the care bed more comfortable and beautiful are therefore particularly suitable. Even if such a gift is no longer consciously perceived, it will have a lasting positive effect in everyday life. We have asked the Burmeier experts which of our accessories bring the greatest joy in homecare. You can order the following products from your local specialist medical dealer.

Pleasant light

An idea as simple as it is convincing: Give light as a present! Our Sola reading lamp can be safely inserted into the receptacle sleeves of our care beds or attached to the patient lifting pole. The best possible lighting for a care room needs careful consideration. Ceiling lamps are often uncomfortable for a bedridden person who usually looks up. Bedside lamps next to the bed can be easily knocked over by residents with dementia and also generate considerable heat. The Sola reading lamp, on the other hand, does not get too hot. It provides cosy, glare-free light at the head of the bed. Meals in bed or browsing through a magazine thus become a delight.

This enjoyment is even greater with a serving tray from Burmeier. If the care bed has full-length safety sides on both sides, the tray can be safely placed on the bars. This way, the plate with the Christmas biscuits has just as firm a seat as the mug of coffee. Eating in bed becomes easier and more hygienic. The interaction of the serving tray and upright backrest ensures a comfortable, ergonomic posture and reduces the risk of choking and aspirating food.

More mobile with the stand-up aid

If the resident is still mobile enough to get out of bed and walk a few steps, our stand-up aid is the ideal gift. This is a high curved handle that is attached to the frame of the bed at the side.  If the patient sits on the side of the bed, he or she can hold on to the stand-up aid and push themselves up. This also provides relief for caregiving relatives, who no longer have to pull the resident out of bed with both hands and strain their backs.

Colour brings joy into everyday life and can have positive effects on people in need of care. A warm, friendly orange, for example, is often well perceived and can stimulate the appetite. Many nursing homes take advantage of such effects with cleverly coordinated wall colours. At home, our softcovers add colour. These are textile covers that are pulled over the head and footboards and safety sides of our Dali care bed. Embellish your loved ones' surroundings with light vanilla, soothing lavender or fashionable petrol. The softcovers can be easily removed with a zip fastener and washed in the washing machine.

Regia care bed for maximum comfort

And if it is to be a bigger gift – how about a new comfortable care bed? With a bed that offers even more than the standard model. Our Regia brings a whole new quality of life to homecare. The low-height bed with a lowest position of 26 cm protects against injuries from falls even without measures that deprive people of their freedom. Split safety sides follow the patient's needs exactly. And the homelike wood decors or upholstery transform every Regia into an individual designer bed.

With gifts from Burmeier you will not only provide joy in the short term, but also ensure long-lasting well-being. Let your specialist dealer advise you – you can find your dealer with the contact search on

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