07. December 2018
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The new technical trainers from Stiegelmeyer

Extensive training ensures even higher quality and efficiency in our service

The Stiegelmeyer Service is a strong partner to our customers. Whether it's inspection and maintenance or consulting and training: Our approximately 50 employees of the technical field service (TAD) in Germany are always on the cutting edge of technology and find the best possible solutions, together with the customer. In order to further expand this high level of expertise, the training series "Train the Technical Trainer" has now taken place at Stiegelmeyer in Herford.


12 colleagues from our back office and field service were trained to become "Certified Technical Trainers TT x TT practice-tested". The training was carried out by the training institute Martin Wiesend & Partner, the degree is certified by the department for technical didactics of the TU Darmstadt.

Georgios Kampisiulis Kemmler, Chairman of the Stiegelmeyer Management Board, presented the certificates to the successful graduates. He is proud of the employees’ dedication and underlined the importance of excellent customer service for the company. "Every encounter with our brand is positive" and "we help our customers to fulfill their tasks in the best possible way," are key principles of Stiegelmeyer. The new qualification helps to achieve these goals on a daily basis.

The task of the 12 technical trainers is to travel regularly through the regions and to train our field service technicians decentralised – in dealing with new products from Stiegelmeyer as well as in other practice-relevant topics. The training series focused on how these trainings can achieve the greatest possible success. Anyone who remembers the science lessons at school or the last course in computer science knows that listening to such demanding topics students quickly forget the content if it is not clearly presented and used daily in practice.

This is exactly where training as a technical trainer began. The participants have learned how to build their own training concept so that the content resonates, and learning is fun. The issues were: Is the training divided into meaningful sections? Are technical issues explained so that participants understand them? Are teaching media useful, for example projectors or flipcharts? Is it ensured through practice and repetition that the participant is really able to it?

Whether lessons are well understood also depends on the atmosphere in the study group. Do the participants form a good team that supports and inspires each other? How to create a positive dynamic was a topic of the first of four modules of the training series.

The abbreviation "TT x TT" indicates that the technical trainers, as multipliers, set off a long chain of positive reactions. They increase the quality of the field service’s work. The Stiegelmeyer technical field service staff in turn share their knowledge with the customers and, for example, make it possible for hospital technicians to use Stiegelmeyer products even more easily. In the end, everyday work becomes more pleasant in many places and everyone involved saves time and money.

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