27. July 2023
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Confident for the benefit of our customers

As a comprehensive international supplier, the Stiegelmeyer Group meets many requirements in health and long-term care

Self-confidence is a coveted quality in everyday life. It stands for assertiveness, courage and the ability not to be constantly held back by worries and doubts. But is self-confidence also a positive value for a company that focuses on serving its customers? We think so and see "confident" as an important value of the Stiegelmeyer Group.


Now everyone knows from their own experience that self-confidence is not something you can simply talk yourself into. It is the sum of hard work, measurable successes – and a positive approach to other people. Because real self-confidence is the opposite of arrogance or superiority. It is fed by successful social relationships, by the realisation that you can only be happy if others are happy too.

The employees of Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier recognise themselves in all these aspects. If we appear confident inside and outside our company, it is because we have been able to build up great competence in all areas of our industry during our long history and because we care about the well-being of our customers and all the people who often use our products in very vulnerable situations in their lives.

The self-confidence of the Stiegelmeyer Group is reflected in our aspiration to be a comprehensive provider of products and services for the international markets. Medical beds for all sectors of health and long-term are at the centre of our portfolio, but a cosmos of complementary products and services has long since emerged around them.


For example, bedside cabinets: New models such as the Aparto series for nursing homes or the electric Vitano for hospitals are among the company's most important innovations and redefine the bedside cabinet. Or furniture: Our wood production in Nordhausen, Thuringia, is so modern and automated that it allows us to manufacture even the smallest quantities for individual wishes. When it comes to furnishing patients', residents', duty and common rooms, the Stiegelmeyer Group can contribute a large part of the furnishings and deliver high quality from a single source.

Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier are traditional market leaders in Germany and have been successfully oriented towards the needs of the German healthcare system for many decades. But in our globalised world, Central Europe is no longer the measure of all things. Around the world, other markets are emerging and in some cases make completely different demands on equipment and economic efficiency. We use our experience and our local presence in over 100 countries to develop suitable products. The Evario one and Puro econ hospital beds are good examples of such global solutions. Or the Libra bodenfrei Plus care bed: this model variant without lengthwise struts on the chassis takes into account the fact that from France to China many nursing staff are also room attendants and need all the support they can get.

A good reason for strong self-confidence is also our successful combination of products and first-class service. Medical beds are a valuable investment and should at best last for decades. Many experiences with our customers show that this is the rule at Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier. Our quality promise contributes to this: We supply spare parts for at least a decaede after purchase; in fact, this period is often much longer. In Germany, a dense network of technical field staff takes care of the maintenance of our products, and in other countries our sales partners offer similar services – for example, our new Australian dealer Innovate Care is very successful especially in the area of maintenance and repairs.

Self-confidence has to be earned, and our family-run company has always provided the ideal framework for this. We stand by our performance and consistently implement our decisions. We are convinced of our solutions. This makes us a strong and successful brand that raises the profile of our customers and partners.

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