22. February 2018
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Introducing: Sister Gundula Köpp

Head of the central bed reprocessing unit at the Klinikum Südstadt Rostock hospital

Sister Gundula, please tell us a little about yourself.

I have been working at the Klinikum Südstadt Rostock hospital since 1972. After my training there I was a nurse, then in the department for sterilisation of the instruments, and then in charge of the injection room. After German reunification, I set up the new department for bed reprocessing. At the end of February, I will be retiring after more than 45 years.


Please describe your work to our readers.

It’s a big job! With a total of 13 employees, we manually prepare 140 to 170 beds a day. We are responsible for ensuring that all 619 beds are professionally cleaned according to current standards and that the infectious beds are handled separately. The right mattresses or special systems must be assigned to the right beds. In addition to our large central bed cleaning unit, there are other decentralised reprocessing locations, for example for newborn baby beds or incubators. In order to clean the undersides of the beds thoroughly, we have purchased a bed turner, which tips the beds onto their sides. Our maintenance technicians use this opportunity to come and check and clean the castors. Every day, the bed turner is used to turn over two to three beds. We plan to thoroughly clean every hydraulic bed once in 2018 using the bed turner.

Which Stiegelmeyer models do you work with?

We have 358 hydraulic Vivendo beds and 261 Seta electric beds from Stiegelmeyer. The Setas are equipped with various safety sides.

Stiegelmeyer has already fulfilled many wishes. We no longer have any rough surfaces, everything is beautifully smooth and easy to clean.

Do you have any requests of Stiegelmeyer?

Stiegelmeyer has fulfilled many wishes already. We no longer have any rough surfaces, everything is beautifully smooth and easy to clean.

How do you imagine your work in the future?

After 27 years in my department, I sometimes believe that we’ve achieved our goal – but then I keep coming up with something new that could be optimised. For example, we have had all the electric beds retrofitted with a new holder for the handset. This keeps the handsets much better protected against damage. It is important to always keep moving forwards.

Klinikum Südstadt Rostock

  • Founded in 1965
  • 513 inpatient beds
  • 1,400 staff
  • 619 Stiegelmeyer beds



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