16. February 2016
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The complete solution from Stiegelmeyer Assist

The pace is picking up in hospitals. Patients arrive and leave at shortening intervals. Beds need to be moved and prepared increasingly faster. Managing these processes can cause stress and unnecessary costs. But now, Stiegelmeyer Assist offers an ideal solution. Hospitals need never worry again about preparing their beds with the BEST support service package.

BEST covers all of the services required to keep hospital beds in top condition. In German these four letters stand for Begleiten (Support), Erhalten (Maintenance), Schulung (Training) and Teamwork. The objective of the experts from Stiegelmeyer Assist is to have the required number of beds ready for use in a hospital or clinic at any time. For this, every hospital needs an individual package of customised services. Fixed contact persons at Assist help the customer from the purchase of the bed onwards. They carefully examine all processes related to the reprocessing of the beds and offer solutions to potential problems. Is a transport route too narrow which will result in damage? Can reprocessing of the beds be more efficiently organised? The experts help clarify such questions and reduce the need to repair the beds from the outset. Then they set a target and create a maintenance plan. The goal could be, for instance, a permanent quotient of 98 % of beds available, and they plan a maintenance schedule at defined regular intervals.

Stiegelmeyer hospital beds have very long lives and, even once a model has been discontinued for 15 years, spare parts are still available. The experts from Stiegelmeyer Assist help restore the bed to its target state every time and fully exploit its lifetime. This increases the cost-effectiveness of the beds considerably. Customers can choose between one of the 3 maintenance tariffs, "Basic", "Plus" and "Full service", depending on their requirements and budget.

When it comes to taking care of hospital beds, small changes in daily behaviour can have a big effect. That’s why Assist also offers training for the clinical staff. An example is safe handling of the handset, especially when moving the bed through narrow corridors and doorways. The experts at Stiegelmeyer also advise on how to smoothly transition from old to new products and provide the hospital staff with all important information. The staff also learns in workshops held by Stiegelmeyer how to repair minor damage themselves. A set of the most common spare parts can be handily stored on site.

Stronger together. That’s why Stiegelmeyer Assist places great value on close teamwork with hospitals. Those responsible in the hospitals are involved in all planning and make the decisions. Assist evaluates the results of its service work on an annual basis and adjusts the targets to the new Information.

That’s how BEST can contribute to a more relaxed daily routine at the hospital while still providing more Efficiency.

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