22. February 2015
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The effects of colour

These days, colour has become a very important design element in hospitals and nursing and care facilities.

ORANGE stands for optimism and zest for life. In colour therapy, orange soothes abdominal discomfort and pain. Used in rooms, orange facilitates sociability and creates a warm atmosphere. Orange is also ideal for use in rooms that get little natural light.

YELLOW is the colour of the sun and stands for optimism and joy. In colour therapy, it soothes anxiety and depression and is used for conditions such as rheumatism and liver problems. Yellow makes small rooms look bigger and friendlier.

RED stands for love and passion. It draws attention and symbolises vitality and energy. Red has a warming and stimulating effect. It stimulates the circulation, metabolism and the immune system.

GREEN is strongly associated with nature, has a calming effect and stands for harmony and hope. In colour therapy, green is often used for heart problems. Used as an element in rooms, green creates an atmosphere of calm and security. Green accents can also be created using, e.g. plants.

BLUE stands for harmony and relaxes. It is the colour of the sky and creates a sense of freshness. It makes rooms look bigger and can help with sleep problems and creating a dreamy atmosphere. It is often used in rooms that are intended for Regeneration and relaxation.

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