13. October 2021
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Successful career start in a great community

The Stiegelmeyer-Group attaches great importance to first-class training

Every year, at the beginning of September, the Stiegelmeyer-Group in Germany looks forward to a particularly nice day: on Welcome Day, the new apprentices are officially greeted. In 2021, two apprentices started at the headquarters in Herford, often there are five or more at the various Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier locations in Germany. In Herford, Nordhausen and Hiddenhausen, motivated young people start their training in many interesting professions.

What professions does the Stiegelmeyer-Group provide apprenticeships for?

  • Industrial clerks
  • Industrial clerks with supplementary EU qualification
  • Commercial clerks for marketing communication
  • Commercial clerks for digitalisation management
  • Technical product designers

In the IT field, the Stiegelmeyer-Group also trains IT specialists, and in the warehouse and logistics field, warehouse logistics specialists and warehouse specialists. Wood mechanics are based at the Nordhausen site in the German state of Thuringia. In addition to the apprenticeships, there is the possibility of a dual study programme for a Bachelor of Business Administration.

What is the everyday life of an apprentice like?

During their time at Stiegelmeyer, the apprentices take an active part in everyday work, learn about the contents of their profession in practice and work on projects and tasks in the company. In the process, they learn to take on more and more responsibility. "Trust is very important to us, and you can see that in the tasks we are entrusted with," reports Finn Heuermann from his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. In addition to their work in the company, the apprentices attend the respective vocational schools. There, they are taught the theoretical part, which makes it easy to combine theory and practice, adds Maren Klostius, an industrial clerk apprentice.

Advantages of an apprenticeship at Stiegelmeyer

At Stiegelmeyer, great value is placed on good teamwork. This also applies to the apprenticeship programme. The Welcome Day already conveys a good feeling. On this day, all apprentices, the management board, the chairpersons of the works council and the human resources department meet to welcome the newcomers. The Welcome Day is a good opportunity to get a first insight into the company and helps to quickly find one's way around, remembers Jacqueline Duda, apprentice as a warehouse specialist. The apprentice barbecue at the beginning of a new apprenticeship year has also become a tradition.

In 2021, Stiegelmeyer took part in a local training fair for the first time. In a joint project, the three grades of apprentices had planned and organised everything for the fair. Because of Covid19, the fair could then unfortunately only take place online, but there were also many virtual visitors. " Working on projects is a diversified activity in addition to the normal daily routine and brings our apprentice community even closer together," says Janin Beckmann, a future industrial clerk.

In addition, Stiegelmeyer offers ideal exam preparation and supports the apprentices up to their final exams and beyond on their way into professional life. This year, Kim Giulia Kellermeier and Simon Schmidt completed their apprenticeships with very good overall results, putting them in the top group in the whole of the East Westphalia region.

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