03. November 2021
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The suite eMotion delights Berlin

Much interest at the information day of the Premium Residences at the Ritz-Carlton

Berlin is growing ever faster in height. But the most elegant high-rise was already opened in 2004. With its Art Deco style, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Potsdamer Platz is reminiscent of the legendary 1920s. It is one of the capital's top addresses – and a perfect stage for our suite eMotion lifestyle bed.

At the end of October, the Premium Residences invited guests to an information day at the Ritz-Carlton. The network is an association of 30 particularly high-quality senior residences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and on Mallorca. The annually published guide reads like a travel guide to the most beautiful four- and five-star hotels in Europe. With its lifestyle beds, Stiegelmeyer is a cooperation partner of the Premium Residences. People who are looking for a new home with a high quality of life in old age thus receive information about the best possible bed right away.

Presentations in prestigious hotels

The network's residences present themselves several times a year in the major cities of their distribution area and choose renowned hotels for this purpose. Stiegelmeyer was present twice in 2021 – after an information day at the Excelsior Hotel in Cologne, the appearance at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin followed. Our lifestyle bed Sales Manager Hubert Wenisch had arranged everything to bring a particularly beautiful suite eMotion in brilliant blue, complete with mattress, to the large conference room on the second floor of the hotel.

There, the residences each presented themselves with their own table. The suite eMotion had an attractive spot in the middle of the circuit. Although the regional focus was on Berlin and the surrounding area, residences from other cities also presented themselves: "Many people dream of spending their retirement in the places where they used to spend dream vacations," explains Hubert Wenisch. The Bavarian-Austrian border region around Salzburg is such a place of longing, as is Hamburg.

Couples want more quality of life in old age

Among the visitors were very many couples planning their future together. This showed a demographic development for which Stiegelmeyer is very well prepared: Both the suite eMotion and the Libra are available as double beds and offer couples technical support and flexibility that one can only dream of in a conventional marital bed. Those who still want to keep this marital bed should simply put in the Lindeo comfort frame and enjoy all the benefits of electric adjustability.

Visitors in Berlin were particularly interested in the many design options of the suite eMotion and in the lift function. The height-adjustable mattress base is an invaluable advantage in old age: It enables users to get up effortlessly and makes activities such as making the bed or packing suitcases on the bed much easier. Users retain their independence, protect their backs – and can enjoy the days and nights in their old or new home like never before.

Strengthen successful cooperation

Hubert Wenisch used the information day for good discussions with customers and also exchanged ideas with the representatives of the Premium Residences. The common goal is to further intensify the cooperation in the coming year.

And what was the atmosphere like at the Ritz-Carlton? Mr. Wenisch is raving about the service: "I have rarely experienced, for example, that the rows of drinks are replenished so quickly and silently," he reports. The international crowd at the hotel also adds a cosmopolitan flair. There couldn't have been a better start to the Christmas season for our lifestyle beds.

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