20. August 2020
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A place full of good ideas for nursing and health care

A newly designed showroom welcomes visitors to the Stiegelmeyer plant in Nordhausen

All nursing homes and rehab facilities strive for a homelike, comfortable atmosphere. Good ideas for an appealing interior design are always welcome. But finding inspiring sample rooms with care beds and furniture is not so easy – especially as trade fairs are hardly being held at the moment. We at Stiegelmeyer therefore offer our customers large, elaborately designed showrooms. Several years ago, the showroom at our German headquarters in Herford was modernised, now the showroom at our Nordhausen location in Thuringia have followed.

In the Stiegelmeyer-Group, Nordhausen is the centre of wood production. And so the showroom also deals with segments such as nursing homes, adult day care, rehab facilities or premium rooms in which wooden furniture is used.  The special attraction lies in the combination of care beds and contract furniture. Our Furniture Systems team in Nordhausen creates tailor-made furnishings for common rooms and offices, dining rooms or waiting rooms. The showroom demonstrates how creatively many elements can be combined and how much comfort can be created even in small spaces.

Hotel style living

Great attention to detail can greatly enhance residents' rooms in nursing homes or rehabilitation clinics. An upholstered and illuminated background panel behind the care bed immediately creates the atmosphere of a good hotel and brings a touch of holiday feeling into everyday life. A column table with two chairs does not take up much space and provides a cheerful bistro flair. The resident is encouraged to get out of bed and drink his or her coffee sitting down.

The tour continues into a resident or patient room in the psychiatric ward. This is where homelike comfort is combined with high protection requirements. The robust beds – the hospital bed Vivendo pro and the mechanical care bed Classiko – are secured against unintentional removal of their components. The table and cupboards are firmly anchored in the wall and cannot be knocked over.

Premium rooms in hospitals are important flagships and contribute to defining the image of the entire hospital. This is easy to see within the showroom. Our modern hospital beds, such as the Puro, can be excellently combined with elegant furniture from Nordhausen. Cupboards with practical shelves, wardrobes, mirrors and luggage compartments welcome the patient as if he or she were in their private home. Visitors will find comfortable seating in armchairs from the Luna range. Tailor-made desks as well as chairs from the Mavo series serve both the patient and the nursing staff. A further premium room in Nordhausen shows the furniture around our elegant comfort bed suite eMotion, an equipment for highest demands.

Relaxed work in the staff room

In everyday nursing care, staff rooms are places where work is carried out in a focused manner. At the same time, they are places of retreat for breaks and moments of relaxation. Visitors to Nordhausen experience a variety of wardrobe systems in a pleasant staff and reception room: Cabinets with hinged doors, folding flaps or blinds are easy to operate by employees of all heights. An elegantly curved counter with numerous compartments and drawers enables tidy working conditions and ensures a welcoming reception for residents and visitors in every lobby.

In the Nordhausen showroom, beds and furniture are carefully coordinated and decorated. Wooden tones, upholstery and bed linen fit together perfectly, while cushions, flowers and accessories set the scene in every room. Visitors can gather many interesting ideas here.

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