01. October 2015
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Care - the daily challenge

The short film "Alice in the land of care crisis"

A young geriatric nurse is sitting in front of the nursing home, enjoying her short break. However, she cannot relax for long: an outraged relative forces her back to work. The tired nurse falls asleep in front of her PC, and sinks into a nightmare of darkness and smeared walls.

This is the plot of the short film “Alice in the land of care crisis”, produced by the GerontoPro initiative from the Herford district. This dramatic short film, which was realised with the support of drama students from Bielefeld and a team of dedicated peers, was partly filmed on June 12 in the exhibition centre at the Stiegelmeyer-Group in Herford.

In the GerontoPro group, about 25 people are active around Sabine Zessel and Jill Kamphöner. The group wishes to draw attention to problems in care politics with a photo campaign with the title, “Between madness and meaning in geriatric care”, as well as with several short films. The shortage of skilled workers in geriatric care is a major challenge. “Care staff are overwhelmed. In residential care homes, a few carers must look after many residents”, says Sabine Zessel. The demographic change which our society is facing will not make the issue easier. “Our campaign is meant to demonstrate what happens if society does not deal with these issues”, says Jill Kamphöner

The German short film “Alice in the land of care crisis” was published on GerontoPro’s Facebook and YouTube profiles.

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