18. January 2022
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Taking responsibility for the future

The Stiegelmeyer-Group attaches great importance to sustainability

Today, demands are placed on companies that go far beyond the production of good products or a fair price-performance ratio. All over the world, people have developed a heightened awareness for ethical behaviour in business, for the protection of the environment and the reduction of discrimination. Legal requirements demand comprehensive responsibility from companies. Customers already set high standards in their tenders.

The Stiegelmeyer-Group has been actively shaping this development for many years. Our "Code of Conduct" defines how we work together and participate in public life as a company. Respect, tolerance, honesty and fairness towards each other and towards customers and competitors are our guidelines. In addition, we pursue many ambitious goals when it comes to sustainability. Here are some interesting facts:

Sustainable use of raw materials: In our wood production in Nordhausen, 95 % of the wood and wood materials used come from sustainable forestry and are certified according to FSC or PEFC. This means that for every tree felled, a new tree is planted. The forests used are located in Westphalia, southern Germany and the Baltic States. In addition, 45 % of our chipboard is made from recycled wood.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency: In the aerial photos of our headquarters in Herford, they shine in bright light: solar panels on the roofs feed energy into the power grid and help reduce CO2 emissions. We also attach great importance to energy efficiency within the company. We operate a certified energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001, and regular audits by external auditors monitor compliance with legal regulations. A state-of-the-art truck fleet with carefully optimised route planning also contributes to low CO2 emissions. Environmentally friendly e-vehicles are used for transports on the company premises.

The medical products we manufacture are made of biocompatible materials. The process water is purified in our own water treatment plants. The varnish used for our beds is water-based.

Digitisation: Our networked beds contribute to more safety and relief in hospitals or nursing homes. In general, digitalisation often has other positive effects in everyday life: It helps to conserve resources. At Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier, you notice this every day. For example, our customers no longer have to send us paper invoices, but can use electronic invoicing in accordance with Directive 2014/55/EU. Paper is rare in our offices anyway, as more and more work is done with the help of modern computer programmes. In addition, instead of travelling long distances to meetings, more and more meetings take place as video conferences. In our international company with locations from Finland to South Africa, this helps to save many emissions.

The sustainable actions of the Stiegelmeyer-Group are evidenced by numerous certifications, which you can view online at any time:

The new year 2022 begins with many uncertainties, but there is one thing you can count on: that Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier will continue to do everything they can to make the world of nursing and healthcare a more pleasant place. The topics of compliance and corporate responsibility will constantly accompany us this year. We are planning further publications and positioning on this.

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