09. February 2016
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Stiegelmeyer and Belimed

For reliable hygiene

Hospital Infections are a big concern at ward units and in the media even though the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria has been under way in hospitals for a long time. Hospital bed sanitation plays a large role in this fight, but it is also exactly the point where the renowned Robert Koch Institute has detected a need for action, according to a study.

“Many errors […] were observed in the decentralised reprocessing of beds”, the authors wrote. They demand: “Reprocessing hospital beds should therefore be given special attention." A "central thermal processing" is the "safest disinfection procedure". This means machine-washable beds which are automatically cleaned and disinfected in a washing system. Stiegelmeyer has decades of experience in this area and is one of the key players. The company already built the first machine- washable bed in the 1970s. The current hospital bed, Puro, sets new hygiene standards with its gap-free design and cavity-sealed frame structure. And now, Stiegelmeyer is even going one step further through cooperation with the leading Swiss washing equipment manufacturer Belimed. Optimally coordinating beds and automatic washing systems will provide hospitals with large benefits. This includes reliable hygiene that can be validated as well as cost-savings in terms of relieving staff of the time-consuming and physically demanding work of reprocessing beds by hand.

The economical mode of working of the Belimed washers also contributes to greater efficiency. The new CS 750 washer uses no more than about 16 to 30 litres of fresh water per cycle, for example. And in terms of complying with standards, it is already Meeting both those in force and those in planning. Hospitals will be able to maintain their beds in optimal condition longer and fully exploit the bed's life-cycle through thorough and careful cleaning.

The cooperation between Stiegelmeyer and Belimed also provides customers with an even better service. Experts at both companies jointly analyse all work processes involved in bed supply. Then they work out customised solutions which enable the facility to always have the required number of optimally sanitised and disinfected beds available. Both patients and care staff benefit from this.

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