29. November 2022
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Medical beds for the Middle East

Mohammed Hifawi represents the Stiegelmeyer Group in this important promising region

The Middle East is a region with great future potential for the Stiegelmeyer Group. Germany's leading manufacturer of medical beds wants to support local people in health and long-term care. This task has been in the hands of Mohammed Hifawi for several months. The new Stiegelmeyer Area Manager Middle East is pursuing big plans from the Jordanian capital Amman.

Mr. Hifawi, please introduce yourself.

As Area Manager Middle East, I work for the Stiegelmeyer Group and for the German Novacare GmbH, which cooperates with Stiegelmeyer in alternating pressure systems. I am a certified International Trainer and Bachelor of Science in Medical Physics. I have many years of experience in the medical device field and have worked with renowned companies such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Philips.

What is special about the work in your region?

I know from experience that good connections and a trusting relationship with clients are particularly important in the Middle East. This is where my creativity is needed, for example, to fully exploit the possibilities of social media. Our clients need to be convinced that I listen to them well.

What advantages does the Stiegelmeyer Group have to offer the region?

The Stiegelmeyer Group rightly sees the Middle East as a region that deserves a stronger focus. We can exploit the advantages of all our product divisions here. Modern beds for hospitals and nursing homes are just as important for the region as homecare beds and lifestyle beds for discerning private customers. Our focus on the needs of customers and end users and our customised service processes are very well received here.

What role does the high quality of the products play?

A very big role – the durability of our products will lead to lasting customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships. Stiegelmeyer tests all products far beyond standard requirements to ensure their reliability under many different conditions. Added to this are our impressive manufacturing capabilities, which make us a reliable partner even for very large projects.

With which products from Stiegelmeyer and Burmeier are you getting started?

In the area of care beds, we rely on the Libra by Stiegelmeyer, a comfortable and elegant low-height bed. For homecare, we offer the Dali by Burmeier, Germany's best-selling care bed for safe care and a high quality of life. Private customers can enjoy the luxury and design of our lifestyle bed suite eMotion.

Which bed is particularly interesting for the hospital sector?

Our Evario one was developed for the diverse requirements of international markets. This bed can be used in many wards and combines high quality with a good price-performance ratio, easy operability and excellent hygiene properties. In addition, with the Sicuro tera we offer an exceptional ICU bed for the high demands of intensive care. It offers a high clinical benefit, e.g. through lateral tilting, an integrated scale and an X-ray compatible backrest.

Stiegelmeyer's Connectivity Lab develops innovative digital solutions. Connected beds will soon send status information and make the organisation of everyday hospital life much easier. What is the interest in digitalisation like in your region?

Interest has just awakened and is already increasing dramatically. I expect this to develop into an important trend and that our expertise in this area will open many doors for us.

In January you will present the Stiegelmeyer Group at Arab Health. What are your expectations?

I've been at Arab Health for many years, but I've never looked forward to it so much. I believe in the products we present there – for example, the electric version of our Vitano bedside cabinet, which allows patients to charge smartphones and tablets effortlessly. We are currently working on the design of our booth, which will be bigger and more inviting than before. We will exchange ideas with our customers and receive valuable feedback.

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