16. July 2018
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The Charm of a Good Hotel

Contract furniture from Stiegelmeyer gives hospitals and care facilities a new feeling for life

A stay in hospital or, an even greater change such as a move to a nursing home, is associated with uncertainty for most people. Part of that uncertainty arises from the sight of all the professional medical equipment that often makes these places appear strange and very different from home. The transition would be easier if there was attractive, practical furniture in warm, welcoming colours that immediately conveyed a feeling of security. Contract furniture from Stiegelmeyer fulfils precisely this purpose.

An inviting bistro-style table in front of bright curtains in the hospital room? Wardrobes that fit the floorplan of the angular niches in an older building? Or, a nurses station with medicine cupboards that allow nursing staff to open them with just a press without bumping into the doors? Mass-produced furnishings do not always allow this. Stiegelmeyer, by contrast, designs things down to the millimetre. The new rooms increase the overall feeling of well-being in a hospital and are particularly attractive for patients and residents with high expectations – such as rooms for which a premium is paid.

Produced in Thuringia

The contract furniture is manufactured in our modern wood production facility in Nordhausen, a town at the southern edge of the Harz Mountains in Thuringia. Our experts travel from there to our customers, where they examine the rooms, study the drawings and record all of the requirements. The end result of such an exchange is a concept that is well-thought out visually, functionally and economically. Drawings and figures are often only persuasive in theory. But with our expert's 3D renderings, customers can reflect carefully on whether they actually like the furniture. Is the room perhaps a little too small, do the dark wood tones feel too heavy, is an accent missing? The photo-realistic representations from multiple perspectives offer answers. Colours and shapes can be adjusted once again. The selection of wood decors is very large at Stiegelmeyer. By carefully observing the market and attending many trade fairs, we are also well informed about new design developments, and often even set new trends ourselves. For example, the colour white is currently a favourite that brings new freshness to inpatient nursing and can be combined with elegant wood tones, such as Lindberg Oak, in outstanding ways.

Everything from one source

Design, production, delivery and assembly are all done by Stiegelmeyer. Our assembly team discusses a suitable time schedule with the customer and assembles the furniture with great meticulousness. The Nordhausen location, with its modern machinery, stands for high quality and fast work. In addition to the contract furniture, 22,000 hospital beds and 19,000 bedside cabinets are produced here every year. Our operation also enjoys an outstanding reputation as a training facility for young woodworking technicians – applications are always welcome.

Custom-made furniture has very few limits in terms of where it can be utilised. In addition to resident rooms, treatment rooms and nurses stations, this furniture is also suitable for reception and waiting areas, dining rooms and cafeterias, communal areas and conference rooms. The entire hospital or residence can be transformed into an inviting place that feels more like a hotel or cosy home. This provides an ideal condition for rapid patient healing and satisfied, motivated employees.

Are you interested in contract furniture from Stiegelmeyer? Please contact our team in Nordhausen at telephone number +49 (0) 3631 922-0. We look forward to your call.

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