30. November 2023
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Aparto bedside cabinets

Ideal companions for Stiegelmeyer lifestyle beds

No matter how cosy it may be in bed – it's the right bedside cabinet that makes the sleeping experience perfect. Because without a lamp, mobile phone, novel or glass of water within reach, relaxation is only half as enjoyable. At Stiegelmeyer, we now offer a bedside cabinet range to match our lifestyle beds that impresses with its homelike design and modern functionality: Aparto.

Our Libra lifestyle bed and the Lindeo comfort insert especially impress with their lift function: the mattress base is very low above the floor at night to protect the user from fall-related injuries, but can be raised up to 80 cm to get up or make the bed. With this variability, finding a bedside cabinet that fits the height, offers plenty of storage space and storage surface and looks good has not been easy until now. The Aparto range now fulfils all these requirements.

The bedside cabinets on four individually braked castors are available in two corpus heights. The low Aparto brevo goes particularly well with the low Libra lifestyle beds. The higher Aparto offers plenty of space for personal items with two drawers of different sizes and a compartment. All drawers are fitted with a high-quality soft-close mechanism and elegant matt segmental bow handles.

The innovative power of the Aparto series is particularly evident when these two models are configured with height-adjustable overbed tables. In the medical sector, overbed tables of this kind have usually been folded down to the side when not in use. With the Aparto, they can be pulled out horizontally without any effort. If the user wants to eat something in bed or leaf through a magazine, they simply pull the overbed table out and towards them.

In addition, the bedside cabinet gains great flexibility thanks to the height adjustability of the overbed table. An Aparto brevo with overbed table always matches the Libra lifestyle bed, regardless of whether it is set to a mattress base height of 25 cm or 80 cm. As the corpus of the bedside cabinet can be rotated 180° on the chassis, it can also be positioned to the right or left of the bed: The drawers always face forwards and the overbed table towards the bed.

If the user does not need drawers, but only a height-adjustable overbed table, the Aparto series also scores points with an elegant mobile server. This can be pushed effortlessly next to your favourite armchair at coffee time, for example. To personalise the wooden surfaces, Stiegelmeyer offers a large selection of attractive decors for all models.

Lifestyle beds and bedside cabinets from Stiegelmeyer combine homelike comfort and support in all phases of life.

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