23. May 2019
// Trade Fairs & Events

Intelligent bed management with the
Smart Label

Stiegelmeyer and Fraunhofer IML show exciting innovation at med-Logistica

Connectivity – Stiegelmeyer uses this term to develop digital solutions that make day-to-day work in hospitals considerably easier. Through intelligent networking, bed-oriented processes are better organised so that employees gain time for patients. At the med.Logistica trade fair in Leipzig, our team will be presenting exciting innovations in June – including the Smart Label.

Stiegelmeyer has developed the Smart Label together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), funded by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education within the Innovation Laboratory. It is a handy device with an easy-to-read e-ink display and only three buttons, which can be attached directly to the bed or to a specific area in the room. All employees involved with the bed can use the Smart Label to communicate information, thereby simplifying and speeding up the workflow around the bed.

Processing, linen change, localisation

For example, if a patient is released, the nurse can request reprocessing and change of linen by quick selection on the display. When the cleaner has finished the reprocessing, he or she marks the bed as ready for use at the push of a button. Even longer process chains can be designed with the Smart Label: if the nurse determines a need for repair on the bed, she enters the information on the Smart Label and thus triggers first the reprocessing and then the assignment of the house technician. If beds in the facility are moved frequently, the Smart Label also helps with their localisation.

The device is safely protected against unauthorized input. Employees have to unlock it first with a magnet – that's done in a few moments. Depending on the user, this log-in can be used to specify which options the display shows.


Many possibilities of networking

As flexible as the application areas of the Smart Label are the possibilities of its networking. The device can be individually adapted to the infrastructure in your facility.

The team from Stiegelmeyer is looking forward to explaining the tailor-made advantages of the new product to all those interested in Leipzig. Of course, the presentation is also about other offers from Stiegelmeyer. Out free BEST scan often starts out on every connectivity solution: service professionals come by for an in-depth tour of the facility and work with our customers to develop suggestions for an improvement of processes. After that, our process management MIO (Modular - Customised - Organised) could start – an open system that is compatible with many hardware technologies and that helps, for example, with the indoor localisation of beds or the automated documentation of medical device tests.

The Stiegelmeyer booth at med.Logistica is located in the Leipzig Congress Center on level 0 at the booth M34. The trade fair with international congress will be dedicated to all topics related to process optimisation in hospitals on 5 and 6 June.

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Connectivity – Stiegelmeyer uses this term to develop digital solutions that make day-to-day work in hospitals considerably easier. Through intelligent networking, bed-oriented…
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