05. February 2020
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With the Dali-Lock app to a health-promoting care bed

Manage the functions of the Dali easily and safely with your smartphone

Care beds from Burmeier offer a great deal of comfort, especially due to their electrically adjustable mattress base. Comfortable reading and watching TV in bed, conversations at eye level, a cup of coffee to wake up – all this is even more pleasant with the four-part mattress base. Residents and caregivers can easily adjust the backrest or the sitting position with the tilted bed frame using the handset. But what should be done if certain lying positions are not advisable for the resident for health reasons?

Some illnesses and healing phases, for example, require lying flat on the back. This applies, for instance, to healing fractures in the pelvic area or the time after a back surgery. However, if the resident suffers from breathing difficulties, an elevated position of the upper body provides relief and prevents aspiration during meals.

Selective locking – the way to more safety

In these cases, it is advisable to leave the mattress base in the health-promoting position and ensure that it is not inadvertently adjusted. In the hectic pace of everyday life, relatives providing care may press the wrong button, and residents suffering from dementia may confuse the symbols. For this reason, Burmeier beds have been equipped with selectively lockable handsets for many years, in which each adjustment function can be deactivated individually. In the current generation of our successful Dali model, the wireless handset can be locked and unlocked with a magnet. The handset itself does not contain any magnetic components, so it is very safe even in the vicinity of a pacemaker, for example.

Our Dali-Lock app for Android and Apple smartphones offers an even more comfortable way to manage the Dali handset. It can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores.

Open the app and start the bed search process. The app will find your Dali within seconds. Now connect the smartphone to the bed by scanning the code on the back of the handset. The required scanner is included in the app.

Locking and unlocking with the touch of a fingertip

Now you can easily manage all adjustment options. Simply tap on the lock symbols next to the positions of the mattress base. If a field turns red, the function is locked and can no longer be operated with the handset. If the field is green, the option is available again. 

In this way, it is possible to determine precisely what the bed can and cannot do. If a resident is, for example, of small height or at risk of falling, the caregiver can deactivate the height adjustment of the bed during the night while all other comfort functions are still available. Now the resident can no longer accidentally get out of bed from a great height and thus lose his or her footing. In this way, the bed contributes to fall prevention without measures that deprive the resident of freedom.

The Dali-Lock app also provides further useful information. For example, it shows the battery level of the wireless handset. The commercially available battery of the handset lasts for up to two years in normal operation. With the help of the app, the user knows well in advance when a replacement is due. The app also checks whether data is being exchanged between the bed and the handset. This can be very useful when setting up the Dali when the handset is paired with the bed's control for the first time.

Well informed with the Burmeier app

An ideal supplement to the Dali-Lock app is the general Burmeier app, which is also available free of charge in the app stores. If you are looking for a suitable care bed, you can use the bed finder to find the optimum model according to individual selection criteria. The Burmeier App shows the way to useful videos and information about our beds and connects you in seconds to the FORUM online magazine and our social media channels.

Digitalisation at Burmeier – these are practical innovations that make everyday life easier and benefit everyone who uses our beds. 

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